Monday, August 25, 2014

Citer Abang Asyraf.
Asyraf : Ibu, gelongsor.
Ibu : Mana leh, ibu besar. Nanti patah la kaki Asyraf. Adik Adam pun tak leh. Kalau patah, nanti darah.
Asyraf : Oh, darah?
Ibu : Ha ah, darah.
Asyraf : Macam main mercun?
Bahaya main mercun.
Nanti darah kaki, darah tangan Oooooo.
Bahaya kan ibu main mercun?
Ibu : Ha ah, bahaya main mercun.
Asyraf : Asyraf tak suka. Mercun bahaya, nanti berdarah tangan.
.....berdarah banyak-banyak.
.....nanti kakak sakit.
Kan ibu?
Ibu : Ha ah, bahaya.
(about 5 minutes kena bebel pasal bahaya main mercun nih)
Asyraf : Asyraf dah cakap, bahaya. Kak Acha main mercun. Ayah main mercun.
Ibu : Ah? Ayah pun main mercun??
Asyraf : Ha ah, ayah pun main mercun. Nanti berdarah. Pom! Mercun bunyi. Metup.
Mercun pusing-pusing cam nih.
.......nanti berdarah.
.....Kuat bunyi.
(lebih kurang anoher 5 minutes lagi kena bebel)
Ibu : Huhuhu, bila nak tido nih....

Esoknya, ibu pegi amik kat taska.
Ibu : Eh, apa nih?
Asyraf : Mercun.
Ibu : Sapa main? Asyraf main?
Bonda : Takde nyer. Orang main mercun, dia duduk jauh kat tengah rumah.
Asyraf : Muhammad main mercun. Abang Amir main mercun. Ayahanda main mercun. Bahaya kan ibu?
Ibu : Ha ah, bahaya.
Asyraf: Nanti darah tangan. Darah kaki. Sakit. Asyraf tak suka main mercun.
.....Tak suka mercun.
.......Berdarah tangan
Ibu : 2 malam ibu kena tazkirah pasal bahaya main mercun. Huhuhu.

Citer Abang Asyraf dan Adik Adam.
Asyraf : Ibu, Asyraf nak main kereta.
Ibu : Main la.
Asyraf : Pop (Tutup pintu)
Adik Adam, jom main keta.
Adik Adam : (Terkedek2 pegi sandar gaks kat belakang pintu cam abangnyer)
Abang Asyraf : Vrooommm....vrooommmm.
Adik Adam : Omm....Ommmmm....(tangan kat belakang bontot)
Ibu: Err....korang nak buat apa?
Abang Asyraf : Main keta la. Ibu, satu dua tiga?
Ibu : Ok,!!
Abang Asyraf : Vroooommmmmm.......(berlari pecut)
Adik Adam : Ommmmmm(terkedek2 berlari)
Ibu : Err...abang Asyraf keta. Adik Adam nape berlari cenggitu?
Abang Asyraf : Adik Adam siput.
Adik Adam : Ooooommmm.
Ibu : Siput?? Laa....citer Turbo rupanya.
Ibu nak jadi siput gaks.
Abang Asyraf : Boleh, boleh.
(Tiga2 beratur)
Ibu : Satu, dua, tiga. Vrooommmmmm....(Ibu menang)
Jom sekali lagi.
Abang Asyraf : Siput ibu pegi tidorlah.
Ibu : Alaaa....nak main lagi.
Abang Asyraf : Tak leh, siput ibu pegi tido. Asyraf ngan Adik Adam aja main.
Ibu : Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........


Friday, August 22, 2014

Hari hitam dan putih untuk Malaysia. Even pun in black and white.

A very sad day.

Hope the family, friends and all the people that are affected can accept this.....

Well, I really have no other words that can describe this event, except as a calamity. Personal calamity for the family members.

"Be strong, be strong"...that is all we can say to them.

However, if the same thing happen to us, can we be strong too? Or collapse?

What I learn from this sad event :
1) Love and cherish people around you. Nothing in the world is bigger than the love you feel for them and they feel for you (except for the love of Allah and RasulNya).
2) Whatever happened is Allah's fate. You can cry tears of blood, but it will not change a thing. So, acceptance is the only thing for us to do.
3) Life needs to go on for the ones that are still living. Maybe at first for the sake of the unborn child, the little baby, the small toodlers, etc. But the ones left behind need to pick up the pieces and start living instead of wallowing in grief forever. After all, Time heals all wounds.
4) "Be brave" or "Be strong" are just 2 words that are easily spoken but are very hard to do. So say it with compassion and heartfelt.

Well, others may derive other lessons from this grave event, but for me those 4 are enough.

So, pray for the departed souls. May they be granted Jannah.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Citer Adik Adam
Ibu nak masuk bilik air, tgk both boys tgh main i-pad (China toys brand apa ntah).
Ibu : Hah, cam nih lah ibu suka, main sama-sama tau, jangan gaduh-gaduh.
Abang Asyraf : Otay.
Adik Adam : (Sibuk tekan-tekan butang).
Ibu tgh basuh bilik air, dengar havoc kat luar. Then dengar suara ayah suruh main sama-sama. Then tetiba...
Asyraf : (ketuk pintu bilik air) Ibu....
Ibu : Naper?
Asyraf : Adik tanak main sama-sama.
Ibu : Ala, Asyraf main la mainan lain. Nanti lepas ibu basuh bilik air nih, ibu pegi tengok kat depan, tengok Adik Adam.
Asyraf : Ibu......UWAAAAAA....(sambil jalan ke depan balek)
Ayah : Alah...alah...jangan nangis....main nih...main nih.
Lepas basuh bilik air, ibu terus masuk ke bilik solat pula. Tetiba Asyraf pun masuk bilik bawak i-pad dia and terus tutup pintu. Duduk tepi katil and main tekan2 butang i-pad dia tuh.
Kat luar, dengar tapak kaki kecil.
Adik Adam : Puk puk (ketuk pintu)
Abang Asyraf : (Tekan2 lagi butang....keluar suara nyanyi2)
Adik Adam : Uwaaa....Yibu.....
Abang Asyraf : (Tekan2 lagi butang)
Adik Adam : Uwaaaa...Yibu.....Uwaaaaaaaa
Abang Asyraf : .......(suara nyanyi2 dari i-pad)
Adik Adam : ABA!!!!!
Uuuuuuuuuu........(lari ke depan)
Ibu : Huh! Pandai panggil abang dah......


Monday, August 04, 2014

This year, Asyraf's AD birthdate and our Anniversary's Hijriah date falls on the same day. Could not count the possibility of that, so Ayah did some thing special....we had the celebration at the seaside.

Abam Zikry, Kak Fina, Mok Long and us all went and have a fantastic time. We eat cake, fried chicken...and then, ignoring the 1 hour rule, we went and splash in the idyllic sea.

The day was fantastic. This is the best birthday eva.

Thank you all for a memorable day.

 Asyraf's cake.

 Food...glorious food....sorry, no mammoth steak this time.

Adam having fun munching on his chicken. Would not let go of it...

The birthday boy.

The family...



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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
Of trilobytes eternal in stone,
And seem to stare about in mild surprise
At changes greater than they have yet known.
- T.A. Conrad

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
- William Blake,
excerp from Auguries of Innocence.

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