Friday, May 30, 2014

Auntie Salina kasi 2 Cekelat Epal. Balek, ibu panggil anak2 yang comel and then sit them down.

Ibu : Nah, ada menda bessstttt..
Asyraf : Ape bu?
Ibu : Cekelat Epal. Kawan ibu kasi.
Asyraf : Waaaahhhhhh...
Adik Adam : Uh! Uh! Uh!
Ibu : Sabar2. Kejap ibu bukak plastik.
Nah, sorang satu. Asyraf bila penat pegang, letak dalam pinggan nih tau. Adik Adam letak dalam nih.
(Sekejap lagi, Adik Adam buat cat dinding lah, tumbuk sambal lah dengan CE dia tuh.)
Asyraf : Ibu, Adik Dadam, angan tumbuk. Asyraf tak tumbuk pun apple.
Adik Adam : Uh! (Puk...puk..puk...)
Ibu : Asyraf pandai. Takpe Adik Adam, makan aje lah. Nanti ibu lap.
Asyraf : Ibu, besar ah.
Ibu : Takpe makan slow slow.
Asyraf : Ibu, ibu jadi kakak. Asyraf jadi Ultraman.
Ibu : Ok...ok...Ultraman, tolong...tolong...sini ada resakse.
Asyraf : Kejap, Ultraman tengah makan nih.
Ibu : Abeh la kakak kena makan ngan resaksa.....

 Enjoying his first Cokelat Epal.

Tak lut. Mulut too small.

Sampai ke sudah tak dapat gigit. End up ibu kena gigit/potong for their consumption.

If you all want the delicious recipe, do go here :


Monday, May 26, 2014

Citer Adik Adam :

Adik Adam tetiba datang ke ibu bawak 2 penyangkut baju.
Ibu : Adik Adam nak sidai baju ka? Semua baju kan dah sidai tadi.
Adik Adam : Uh!
Ibu : Bahaya nih, jangan cucuk mata yer.
Adik Adam : (Sambil sua penyangkut baju tuh 1 kat ibu) Uh!
Ibu : Er...(Sambil amik penyangkut baju tuh dan pegang). Nak buat apa nih?
Adik Adam : Heee...(Angkat penyangkut baju yg dia pegang and kenakan kat ibu nyer)
Ibu : Eh, Adik Adam nak main pedang? Ok.
Den..den...den..dendenden (Lagu tema SW).
Abang Asyraf : Eh, nak. Nak main badam. (Pegi punggah bakul and bawak 1 lagi penyangkut baju)
Ibu : Ibu ada 1 saje pedang. Bawak mai 1 lagi.
Abang Asyraf : Otay. Nah ibu.
Ibu : Huwaaa...dahsyat la ibu. Ibu ada 2 pedang. Leh lawan 2 orang sekali.
Ayah : EH. Main pedang ke? Ayah nak gaks.
Abang Asyraf : Jap (Pegi punggah bakul, bawak mai another penyangkut baju untuk ayah)
Ibu : Okay, Asyraf lawan ngan ayah. Lawan slow-slow tau tanak kuat2. Nanti sakit kena badan.
Abang Asyraf : Macam nih?
Ibu : Ha ah.
Abang Asyraf : Ibu, den den den la.
Ibu : Okay, den den den den den (lagu tema SW)

Hehehehe. The Force are strong in this family. ;)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Continuing with the baby/toddler recipes...

Masak lemak cili padi.

1 batang Serai (diketuk)

2 inci Kunyit (ditumbuk sedikit)
1 biji cili padi (ditumbuk sedikit)
Santan (dalam 1/2 atau 1 cawan)
Garam secukup rasa

Masukkan serai, kunyit, cili padi dan air (2 cawan) dalam periuk kecil. Biarkan sehingga mendidih. Masukkan ikan/ayam, biarkan sehingga masak. Masukkan santan dan garam. Biarkan sehingga berbuih2 kecil.

Masak Singgang Ikan Tenggiri

Ikan Tenggiri

2 inci Kunyit (dibersihkan dan diketuk)
2 hirisan nipis Lengkuas
2 keping Asam keping
4 cawan Air
Garam secukup rasa
1 inci Halia (optional)

Masukkan semua bahan-bahan dalam periuk. Biarkan mendidih dan ikan masak.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Due to my absent-mindedness, I need to save a list of my baby/toddler friendly recipes somewhere.

These recipes are super duper simple and the kids like it.

So, here goes...

Tomyum Tok Ma.
Bahan2 :
1 biji Bawang sederhana besar
1 biji Tomato sederhana besar
1 batang Serai (dititik)
7-10 helai Daun limau purut (buang batang tengah)
1 batang Carrot
Bunga kubis
Ayam (potong kecil2)

Blend bawang dan tomato. Masukkan bahan2 blender tadi dalam periuk, sekali dengan serai dan daun limau purut. Biarkan sehingga mendidih.
Masukkan ayam dan sayur-sayuran yang dipotong kecil. Biarkan sehingga ayam masak dan sayur2 lembut.
Masukkan garam secukup rasa. Hidangkan.

(Jika nak pedas, masa blend tuh, masukkan sekali beberapa biji cili padi)
Tips Tok Ma : lebihkan serai dan daun limau purut tuh....

Ayam masak Sos Tiram.
1 biji Bawang merah - hiris
2-3 ulas Bawang putih - hiris
1 inci Halia - hiris
Ayam (potong kecil2)
Carrot (potong kecil2)
Bunga Kubis (potong kecil2)
Cendawan Shitake (rendam dalam air panas for 10 mins, then hiris nipis)
Sos Tiram
Minyak untuk menumis
Lada hitam
Mix herbs

Tumis bawang merah, bawang putih dah halia. Masukkan secawan air (kalau nak berkuah, masukkan lebih air). Masukkan sos tiram dan biarkan mendidih.
Masukkan ayam, bunga kubis, cendawan Shitake, air rendaman cendawan dan carrot.
Selepas ayam empuk, masukkan garam, lada hitam dan mix herbs.

(Kalau tanak makan ngan nasi, leh makan ngan spaghetti)


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Breast cancer study.

Taken from an article in yahoo,

The study also recommends seven ways for women to avoid these chemicals:
- Limit exposure to exhaust from vehicles or generators, don't idle your car, and use electric lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed whackers instead of gas-powered ones.
- Use a ventilation fan while cooking and limit how much burned or charred food you eat.
- Do not buy furniture with polyurethane foam, or ask for furniture that has not been treated with flame retardants.
- Avoid stain-resistant rugs, furniture and fabrics.
- If you use a dry-cleaner, find one who does not use PERC (perchloroethylene) or other solvents. Ask for "wet cleaning."
- Use a solid carbon block drinking water filter.
- Keep chemicals out of the house by taking off your shoes at the door, using a vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, and cleaning with wet rags and mops.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Nowadays, there seems like a lot of women are proclaiming that they are Supermoms.

Misnomer in a lot of cases, just a trend for common ladies to show that they managed to cook meals, bake a cake, do laundry, wash dishes, fold clothes, gardening, arrange a party, clean their house top to bottom while taking care of their kids schooling and emotional needs.

Greed-eyed monster much?

Call me petty and jealous if you want, but for me, to be a Supermom, the lady need to be well.....basically, Super!

And that would entail feats of superior strength, fast as lightning reflexes, laser eyes, you know....those Superman stuffs.

Like, the lady from US that stops the car from rolling down the driveway unto a busy street while the daughter was strapped inside the car. That is a Supermom! Ok, she got a few broken bones....but she were displaying Super Speed, Super Strengh and Super Sacrifice. Or another lady that yanks open the broken door of her car to save her toddler (cannot remember the details, tho I do remember the firefighters that checked the car were amazed since the door are actually jammed and it would need their heavy-duty tools to open). Superstrength!!

If a lady does the usually mommy kind of stuffs, well, indeed she is common. Crazy busy, but still common. Millions of ladies doing the same thing from time immemorial, no need to inflate your own ego by calling yourself Supermom. If recognition is needed, just go and buy clothes for yourself instead of loading the picture of yourself doing laudry and hashtag Supermom. Diva much?

Unless if the said mom is a divorcee/single parent. She is doing both mommy and daddy stuffs by herself. If you are in that category, go ahead, call yourself Supermom. :)

Happy Mother's Day, y'all.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Citer Abang Asyraf :
Abang Asyraf : Abam owam kan?
Ibu : Ha ah, Abang Asyraf orang.
Abang Asyraf : Abam, Otoman Cosmos.
Ibu : Ye ke, ibu?
Abang Asyraf : Ibu, Otoman Max.
Adik Adam, Otoman Zeus.
Ayah Teh, Otoman Dyna.
Ibu : Ayah?
Abang Asyraf : Ayah, resaksa.
Ibu : Wakaka.


Monday, May 05, 2014

4 May 2014 - Happy happy day.

Citer Adik Adam :
Adik Adam dah start jalan semalam. Well, taska dia cakap dia dah start berjalan dalam a few weeks dah, tapi Adik Adam tanak jalan kat umah. Dia leh senang merangkak dengan sangat laju or minta dukung aje.

Petang semalam, Adik Adam siap berjalan and towards the night, siap menari lagi. Tak jadi ibu nak tengok Lone Ranger. Hehehe.

Citer Abang Asyraf :
A few times dah tengok citer robot and aliens ngan ibu. Petang semalam, dia dapat tengok full length Star Wars Lego nyer story with ibu. Ibu yang suker nak tengok actually, dia humoring ibu aje.

Semalam tetiba dia amik penyangkut baju and ajak ibu lawan badam (pedang). So ibu ngan sukernyer, main la Jedi lawan pedang...siap ibu buat bunyi lagu tema and bunyi lightsaber lagi. Sukernyer ada orang leh main Star Wars ngan ibu. Suker3x.



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