Friday, March 28, 2014

Activity for the last few weeks, sensory bottles.

Currently we already have 4 bottles in our collections.

From left,
1) Oil and colored water. I also add in some glitters and labuci for fun.
2) Jellyfish. Plastic bag in water. Waiting for blue color, then I'll get the 'ocean' feel for it.
3) Semi precious stones and beads.
4) Yang nih accidental sensory bottle. Adam's vibrating ball's pointy caps. He loves to pick it apart and put it in his mouth. Ibu said No, No...and put it in a bottle. Ngehehe.

Among all these, the most interesting is the jelly fish. Just google 'DIY Jelly fish in bottle', there are loads of tutorials for it. Ibu yg suka main, jelly fish naik turun, naik turun dalam botol tuh.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Citer Abang Asyraf :

Tengah main-main ngan ibu dan Adik Adam. Tetiba....

Asyraf : Bu, nih anak ayah. (Sambil tunjuk kat dirinya)
Ibu : Adik Adam pun anak ayah jugak. 
Asyraf : Nih anak ibu (Sambil tunjuk kat Adik Adam)
Ibu : Asyraf pun anak ibu, Adik Adam pun anak ibu.
Asyraf : Takkk...nih anak ayah (Sambil tunjuk kat diri sendiri)
Nih, anak ibu (Sambil tunjuk kat Adik Adam)
Ibu : Asyraf dan Adik Adam anak ayah. Asyraf dan Adik Adam anak ibu juga.
Asyraf : Taaaaakkkkkk.....Asyraf anak ayah, Adik Dadam anak ibu.
Ibu : o(_ _)o 
Adik Adam : Uh!
(Er...sapa nak urut perut adik nih?)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Citer Abang Asyraf :

Ibu tengok berita sambil lipat baju. Ada news pasal Kajang's election.
Asyraf : Apa tuh?
Ibu : Pilihanraya Kajang. Ada bendera-bendera parti.
Asyraf : Eh, nenek.
Ibu : Huh? (Tengok tiwi jap).
Tuh bukan nenek la. Err...dia nenek, tapi nenek orang lain. Tuh la orang yang bertanding pilihanraya kat Kajang.
Asyraf : Nenek lah.
Ibu : Ye la, ye la. Wan Azizah tuh nenek gaks la. Kekeke.

Citer Adik Adam :

Kat Aeon tetiba ada pameran barang2 mainan.
Ibu : Meh adik, kita main swing.
Adik Adam : Uh.
(Main ape?)
(Ape tuh)
(Ibu letak saya kat mana nih?)
Ibu : Aik, tanak duduk?
Adik Adam : Uh!!
(Dia goyang2)
(Adam gayat la)
Ibu : Ok lah. Mana ada orang naik swing berdiri. Nah, berdiri sini aje tolak swing tuh.
Adam : Uh...
(Ibu, swing nih gigit orang tak?)


Friday, March 21, 2014

Citer Abang Asyraf :

Abang Asyraf main2 ngan Adik Adam.
Abang Asyraf : (Sambil tunjuk kats dirinyer) Nih, abam kan?
Ibu : Hah, Asyraf Abang. Abang Asyraf. Nih Adik Adam.
Abang Asyraf : (Sambil tunjuk kat Adik) Nih Ironman.
Ibu : Hahaha. Yer.
Abang Asyraf : (Sambil tunjuk kat ibu) Ibu, owam kan?
Ibu : Ha ah, ibu orang.
Abang Asyraf : Ayah, tuder.
Ibu : Huh....ayah ape?
Abang Asyraf : Ayah, tuder.
Ibu : Ayah.........kuda?
Abang Asyraf : Ha ah (Sambil angguk-angguk). Ayah tuder.
Adik Adam : (Yeehaw!!)


Monday, March 17, 2014

Being a mother, is not easy.

It is hard :

1) when you cook something, and then your son did not even want to try it. In fact, he did not want to eat any food, he simply exist by inhaling are very worried that he might fall ill. And then, everyone around you is scolding YOU because your son is thin.
2) when your son is sick. You would give half your life just to make him well again, but you can't.
3) when people start comparing their children with your son, in front of him. You are afraid that this will lower his self-esteem, but then apart from stapling their mouth shut, there is nothing else that you can do.
4) when people start bashing you on the way you care for your son. Everything that you do is wrong and everything that they do is right. Yes, stapling other people's mouth is not an option here either.
5) when you are sick and the house are left in ruins.

I would like to be the picture perfect mother like in the ads...beautiful clothes with perfect makeup, vacuuming the already tidy and spotless house, with two perfectly matched clothed sons running around doing activities in huge manicured garden.

Some mothers call themselves Supermom.

I am definitely not one of them.

My house is messy, my sons wore mismatches clothes. I cook simple easy peasy food with loads of biscuits, apples and chocolates lying all around the house. The first 2 for the kids, the latter one is for me.

Definitely not a Supermom.

Not even a sidekick to the Supermom.

Maybe the arch-enemy of Supermom?

Can I call my Ultraman and my Helicopter-boy to help me to plan nefarious schemes to take over the world?

And let's put Supermom in the icky dungeons. Without any cleaning tools. Hahahaha!!

I think the medicine that the doctor gave me yesterday is too strong.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another set of linxes for 1-3 years old activities/stuffs :

Tried to make a jellyfish sensory bottle kat opis tadi. It is a success!! Passed to Watie for her to play with. (Ngehehe) Think it will be another weekend project with Asyraf. Need to find bigger bottle tho, supaya that jellyfish would have more room to maneuver.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Our first DIY activity. Lava Lamp.

Sediakan glitters, labuci, air, minyak, pewarna makanan yang dibenarkan dan gam.

Penuhkan botol dengan separuh penuh air, lagi separuh masukkan minyak (minyak masak pun boleh daaa). Masa nih leh cerita pasal minyak lebih ringan dari air.
Titiskan pewarna makanan yang dibenarkan. Cerita pulak pasal warna.
Masukkan glitters, labuci. Cerita pasal berat.
Letak glue kat mulut botol dan tutup penutup botol ketat2. (In my case, the glue tengok2 dah kering. So, ketatkan dan kemudian ibu membebel pasal bahaya kalau minyak tuh tumpah. hehehe.)
Goncang2. Maka terhasillah Lava Lamp nih.

Adik Adam main ngan Lava Lamp.


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Asyraf's taska is co-ordinating various activities for the kids. Ada la taska dia tag some pixs main2 numbering, mengenal pokok, etc. Maknye mmg nak buat pun, tak tak terbuat2. Abeh2 kalering, baca buku...Rasa nak start buat stuffs ah kat umah. Tapi...nak buat apa yer??

Listed below are some of the activities for 2-3 years old.


Monday, March 03, 2014

Citer Abang Asyraf.
Nenek tengok Nasi Lemak Kopi O. Ada gambar Maya Karin.
Asyraf : Bu, cam bu la.
Ibu : Owh, cam ibu yer. Cantiknyer ibu.
Asyraf : Cam nenek.
Ibu : Erk, Maya Karin lawa cam nenek?
Asyraf : Ha ah, lawa.
Nenek : ........(Speechless).

Citer Adik Adam.
Asyraf : Nenguk bu, Abam Asyraf tiup. Fuuuu...(Wistle)
Ibu : Pandai nyer abang Asyraf tiup.
Asyraf : Ibu satu. (Sambil kasi wistle satu lagi kepada ibu).
Ibu : Fuuuu...
Adik Adam : Heee. (Gelak)
(Bestnyer Abang Asyraf ngan ibu tiup)
Ibu dan Abang Asyraf : Fuuu.....
Ibu : Eh, jap, amik trompet Abang Asyraf yang lama.
Dah jumpa.
Ok, Adik Adam tiup cam nih. Fuuuuu...
Asyraf : Cam ni...Fuuuu....
Adik Adam : uuuu....uuuu...
Ibu : Eh....pandai nyer Adik Adam tiup. Dah bunyi trompet.
Ibu, Abang Asyraf dan Adik Adam : FUUUUU!!!!!
Nenek : (Pening kepala daaaaa)



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