Friday, November 22, 2013

Citer Abang Asyraf.

Tengah tengok citer Ultraman Max. Part resaksa kecik citer kat Kaito yang dia akan cuba menyelamatkan manusia (or something like it, ibu tak perasan ngats since kalut kejar Adik Adam). Resaksa nampak sedih, abang Kaito pun sedih, berkaca2 mata.
Ibu : Asyraf, aper raksaksa cakap kat Ultraman?
Asyraf : (Sambil start sebek) Akser nangis. Ironman pun nangis (Raksaksa menangis. Ultraman pun menangis)*
Ibu : Naper raksaksa nangis?
Asyraf : Akser nak balek.
Ibu : Ye ker, kesian raksaksa.
Ibu : Laaaa....naper nangis?
Ibu : ...........
Adik Adam : Uh....(Ibu, more ketupat please)

*Asyraf panggil semua Ironman, Ultraman, Thor dan Spiderman sebagai Ironman.

Citer Adik Adam.

Adik Adam : Uh....
(Abang Asyraf pegang aper tuh?)
Asyraf : Nyummm....nyummm.
Ibu : Abang Asyraf jangan kasi kacang kat Adik Adam tau, Adik Adam tak leh makan kacang lagi.
Asyraf : Otay.
Adik Adam : Uh...
(Abang Asyraf, nampak sedap aje tuh)
(Ultraman Dua pegi menyiasat...hieyah...laju...laju)
(Apa dalam pinggan tuh abang? Nampak sedap aje)
(Abang tengah makan yer? Minta skets)
Asyraf : Tak leh, nih Asyraf nyer (Tak boleh, nih Asyraf punya)
Adik Adam : Uh...
(Ala, skets aje, minta la)
(Takper2, Adik Adam amik sendiri. Jap2, tangan tak sampai, Adik masuk dalam pinggan yer)
Asyraf : Tak leh, tak leh. Nih Asyraf nyer.
Adik Adam : Uh...
(Uh, besarnyer kacang nih, amik satu)
Ibu : Adik Adam! Jangan masuk dalam pinggan Abang Asyraf. Laa...dah dicekaunyer satu. No, no, no. Adik Adam tak leh makan kacang lagi. Letak balek, kasi kat Abang Asyraf. Adik Adam makan nasi aje.
Adik Adam : Uh...
(Alaaa, nasi lagi. Orang nak makan kacang walnut la, baik untuk perkembangan otak)
(Eh, jumpa kismis laaaa)
Ibu : Apa tuh? Tunduk2 semacam aje tuh.
Adik Adam : Heee...(senyum)


Monday, November 18, 2013

Adik Adam was hospitalized last week due to suspected pneumonia. We 'vacationed' with 3 big bags and countless fun. Basically, bronco-pneumonia will include 3 days at the hospital, pneumonia will involve 5 days stay. However, it all depends on the doctor and the baby's recovery time.

Got some problem since I brought stuffs only for 3 days and we end up have to stay at the hospital for 5 days. Sib baik ayah balek. Kalau tidak, ada yang tak cukup baju.

So pengajaran, bawak bag with extra clothes and keep it in the car just in case the 'vacation' got extended.

Based on my experiences, these are the things that you need to bring to the hospital.

Everything calculated for 3 days stay :
1) Mummy's clothes. Minimal, since you are staying in the hospital...but do calculate for spills and vomits.
2) Baby and toddler's clothes. Extra trousers for the patient.
3) Diapers, extra for the sick one since usually broncolitis/pneumonia antibiotics can induce diaarhea.
4) A few toys. Choose wisely coz you might not leave the hospital after arriving and having a toddler asking incessantly about a teddy bear that is left behind is not fun.
5) Snacks - biscuits, nuts, apples, anything that can be kept for a few days. Do not introduce these all at the same time. Bring one by one out to pacify the toddler when he starts doing strange things.
6) Extra blankets. Instead of extra blankets, I bring 2-3 pieces of kain batik. It can be used as a cover, in place of actual blankets or even as a tent. Don't ask!
7) Phone charger.
8) Wet wipes.
9) Water bottles/Milk powder for the toddler.
10) Patience. Lot's and lot's of it.
11) Adventurous feeling. You will need it.
12) Playfulness. Well, we did have a fun time staying there amidst the vomiting, diaarhea, iv, neb times.

Extra (to be put in extra bag and stashed in the boot of the car).
1) Extra clothes for mummy, toodler and baby, calculate for additional 3 days each.
2) Extra diapers, extra is the main keyword here. I think I bring about half a bag of diapers. Hehehe.

Basically I segregate all the items into 3 bags.
1 bag for baby/toddler clothes/diapers.
1 bag for mummy stuffs.
1 bag for the snacks/toys/whatever that are NOT clothes and diapers. Easier to hide it so that the toddler could not find the toys/snacks.

Of course, the Disney Junior channel helps a lot!!

I am now a fan of Pocoyo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series. Hehehe.

So, in the event that like me, you find yourself need to bring the entire battalion to the hospital for a brave and smile a lot. Many people will help you to carry your bags. ;)


Friday, November 08, 2013

Citer Abang Asyraf.

Citer 1 :
Asyraf : Bu, apa nih?
Ibu : Nih lampin, pampers.
Asyraf : Ohh, pampers. Pampers Asyraf yer.
Ibu : Yer, pampers Asyraf.
Asyraf : Ibu uli yer. (Ibu beli yer).
Ibu : Yer, ibu belikan pampers Asyraf.
Asyraf : Ima acih bu. (Terima kasih bu).
Ibu : ......(tersedu kejap).
(60 saat kemudian).
Asyraf : Bu, engok, opi. (Ibu, tengok, topi)
Ibu : Sib baik la tuh pampers baru, kalau pampers yang dah pakai. ;)

Citer 2 :
Sambil naik tangga lepas balek dari taska.
Asyraf : Bu, amuk. (Ibu, nyamuk)
Ibu : Bukan, itu semut.
Asyraf : Ooooo.....semut.
(Kemudian Asyraf pijak semut tuh)
Asyraf : Bu, semut ilam. (Ibu, semut hilang)
Ibu : (Erk...tak pernah la pulak ngajar pijak semut) Errrr, tak yah la pijak semut.
Asyraf : (Sambil sambung naik tangga) Bu, semut mati.
Ibu : (Double erk...dah paham konsep mati anak daku nih)

Citer Adik Adam.
Ibu, Asyraf and Adik Adam tengah tido...dah cuti, so tido lah kan. Ngehehe.
Adik Adam : ( semua horizontal aje nih. Guling lah)
Ibu : Adik Adam nak gi mana tuh?
Adik Adam : (Erk, ibu dah bangun lah. Main elok-elok ngan mainan lah, nanti ibu marah. Lalalala)
(Uh, Abang Asyraf kat sana lah. Naper dia duk senyap2 aje. Ehhhh...apa tuh kat ujung? Ultraman Dua pegi menyiasat!!)
(Eh..menda nih muat mulut lah...)
Abang Asyraf : (Sambil tidur)Mmmmm....tanak...
Ibu : Eh, tanak apa Asyraf? Adik ADAM!! Jangan makan ibu jari kaki Abang Asyraf.
Adik Adam : (Alamak, ibu angkat sambil pusing ngadap tempat lain la. Tanak main ngan mainan nih, tak best. Nak yg tadi gaks)
(Laju-laju Ultraman Dua kejar...)
Ibu : Aik, lajunyer. Hahaha, ada firewall, Adik Adam tak leh tangkap kaki Abang Asyraf.
Adik Adam : (Alamak, ada tangan lah. Tolak tepi...iyah..iyah...Ultraman Dua kan ke kuat. Yeay!! Dapat balek Abang Asyraf!!)
Ibu : Amboi, kuatnya dia. Tak leh, tak leh.
Adik Adam : (Ok lah, kalau ibu tanak kasi....kita amik seluar Abang Asyraf pulak. Tarik...tarikkk Spiderman)
Ibu : Laaaa...di gerak nyer Abang Asyraf la pulak..............


Monday, November 04, 2013

Go to Dilbert's page and checkout yesterday (3 November 2013) cartoon. Hehehe. Very familiar?

For the is a parody of AOL CEO's firing an employee for taping a meeting.


Friday, November 01, 2013

Sekarang zaman kebangkitan Islam.

Semakin ramai orang yang rajin bertanyakan pasal cara Islamic untuk membesarkan anak-anak, semakin ramai orang yang mencari makanan halal, semakin ramai orang yang mencari isteri yang bertudung.....

Tapi semakin ramai juga orang yang mempersoalkan pasal firman Allah, ramai juga yang bertanya mengenai kesahihan hadis dan semakin ramai juga yang mempersoalkan kebenaran undang-undang Allah.

Are we entering into the light....or moving into a much darker place?

Sangat menakutkan.



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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
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- William Blake,
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