Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gambar Ibu Ultra.

Gambar Ayah Ultra. Macho kan. Ngehehe.

Portrait family. Gambar ayah, ibu, anak-anak dan anak-anak sedara Ultra.

Mana anak-anak Ultra yang nakal, nanti ibu Ultra fire kan. Kalau nakal lagi, ayah Ultra nanti baling ke Bumi, kena time-out.

Btw, don't ask me why I post this entry about the family of Ultraman.



Friday, September 20, 2013

2 words.

Just a simple two words that bring so much anguish and tears.

Tears down the cheeks and wailing that rivals the banshees.

How I hate those 2 simple words coz it bring pain to my heart.

Separation anxiety.

                                               Here we go again.........................

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nowadays, people are so deng self-absorbed that they think the world revolves around them. Don't believe me? Open up your Facebook/Twitter....see the updates of your friends. ;)

I really have no idea where this urge to update everything in Facebook/Twitter/etc comes from. Updating every single thing, every feeling, every experience. Nothing is sacred anymore. Also we are proud of the thousands of 'friends', 'followers'; disregarding that those people are actually friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and we had never met them.

We used to be a timid, shy society. Engagements used to be done only with families attending, is an affair that rivals Prince William's wedding. And all these young attendees would usually update their FB/Instagram with a selfie and the caption, "At Marina's kenduri". Then 20 people would 'Like' it and another 20 would comment on it. Proud lah lepas tuh since we have a lot of friends that are interested in what we are doing. Crazy, rite? (We used to run away from stalkers, now we covet them, go figure...)

We have become a society that craves attention...err....let me rephrase it....DEMAND attention. I am here, NOTICE ME!!

Egotistical society.

Wonder how long this can go on.

The article that spark this rant :


Friday, September 06, 2013

Citer Adik Adam :

Adik Adam dah mobile. Dia dah pandai berenang ke arah barang yg dia nak. Hanya nak barang permainan yg dipegang oleh abang aje, kasi yang lain dia tanak. :)

Adik Adam nyer nama samaran adalah Ultraman Dua (secondborn, getit?). Tengah berlatih moves supaya nanti leh tolong Ultraman Mebius (Abang Asyraf) lawan resaksa.

Skang dalam fasa separation anxiety. Ibu dah tak leh masak, mandi, g toilet. Even letak dia and gerak 3 tapak ke kiri...No, No, No! Sib baik ada Abang Asyraf, dia nanti try dodoikan or tepuk2 Adik Adam bila nangis. Abis2 pun, lari ke arah ibu and kasitau yg Adik Adam nangis (walaupun 1 flat dah dengar taranum si adik).

Citer Abang Asyraf :

Ayah (in a storytelling mode) : Meh ayah bercerita. Pada suatu masa dahulu, ada seorang yang sangat kuat. Nama dia...
Asyraf (chiming in) : Strawberry!!!
Ayah and ibu : Erk.....

Tatau apa jadik kepada citer tuh. Ayah dah tak leh sambung crita sbb terkejut nama orang yg sangat kuat tuh adalah Stroberi. Hmmm......



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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
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And eternity in an hour.
- William Blake,
excerp from Auguries of Innocence.

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