Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Di suatu petang yang bening. Ibu, Abang Asyraf dan Adik Adam lepaks kat laman rumah Tok Ma.

Asyraf : Bu, pa tu? Tingginyer....
Ibu : Itu buah kelapa, yang bulat-bulat tuh. Pokok tuh namanyer pokok kelapa.
Asyraf : Ooooo....tingginyer....
Ibu : Itu pokok mempelam, pokok limau, pokok serai, pokok kunyit, pokok ubi.
Asyraf (sambil berlari sembunyi belakang kaki ibu) : Bu, takuttttttt...
Ibu (terduduk ngan Adik Adam sebab kena tarik ngan Asyraf) : Nape? Asyraf takut ape?
Asyraf (sambil menuding jari) : Tu.....
Ibu : Laaaaaa...tuh pokok ubi la. Kan angin tolak-tolak dia.
Rupanyer, Asyraf takut sebab nampak seolah2 pokok ubi tuh kejar dia, pokok tuh kan bergoyang2 kena tolak ngan angin.

Adik Adam pulak, dah tinggi angkat buntot. Aksi2 nak merangkak dah la nih. Angkat tinggi2 then rebah.....try again...rebah...Uwaaaaaaaa.....ibu angkat...Adik senyum. Itu lah skang nih. Uh lupa, semalam dah start makan Cerelac. Shedap woooo...So, start hari nih, Adik Adam pun dah start bawak bekal ke taska. Hehehe.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Owh, forgot another way that I had tried to put my little baby to sleep. I called it, Sleep by a thousand Kisses (as opposed to Death by a thousand Cuts, which is gruesome).

The baby must be calm and already half way to sleep. Slowly, kiss all over his face. Bestow your kisses until the baby is smilingly soundly asleep.

You may try on the toddler too. Though Asyraf is a big boy now and would usually run away from kisses, unless he heard a mercun exploding somewhere.....


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Topic today, is Sleep => How to put your baby/young toddler to sleep.

Well, there are a lot of books/websites/gurus out there that talk about this topic, you can google it out if you want to.

Here, I am only going to list on what we did to our children.

1) Stand up. Put the baby in the crook of your hands. Rock slowly to the left and then to the right...Repeat until the baby is lulled to sleep.
2) If the baby is a bit fussy....With the same position as above, rock an air guitar, tickling the baby at the back, ribs and feet. Do some weird noices but always end up with a sort of surprise tone and a surprise look at the baby. Usually, little Adam will laugh at this point. After a few air guitar sessions, then do as Number 1) until the baby falls asleep.
3) Sit down on the floor, your legs straight in front of you. Put a pillow across your feet and put baby on your legs (with the pillow under his head). Move your feet left and right while crooning to the baby.
4) While doing as above, sometimes baby would still be quite fussy, fretting and sometimes even wailing...try reading verses from Al-Quran. It seems that the melodic verses can calm babies. Or, try shalawat. For me, if the baby frets and over-fussy, I usually will start the shalawat at the top of my voice, drowning the baby's wailing. This usually will startled the baby to stop his bawling. Then, I will slowly reduce the cadence of my voice to normal, and lastly to sleep drooning kind of tempo.
5) If all failed, pick up the baby and play with him. Sometimes, the baby is just in no mood to sleep. ;)

Young Toddler :
1) Establish a routine. Eat, bath, read story book, sleep....or something like that. So that when you start doing something, he knows that it is on a route to sleep.
2) Feed him full! Toddler will throw a tantrum when he is hungry.
3) Wind down for the day an hour or two before sleep time. He can't go to sleep if he is excited.
4) Reduce the brightness of the lamp and read a 'Sleeping Book'. Read in a droning, lulling way.
5) If all attempts failed, just ignore him. He will grow bored and will fall asleep by his own. Hehehe.

Owh, on the 'Sleeping Book', you can read any book that feature characters that are preparing to go to sleep. In my house, it is Buku Rabbit aka Snuggle Bunnies. Actually, it is an English soft cloth book, featuring Thumper and his family. I translated it to Bahasa Malaysia and add a number of fun features. Click 'here' for a peep at the book.

My translation goes like this :

Bintang-bintang bertaburan di angkasa.
Sekarang adalah masa untuk tidur.
Rabbit-rabbit cakap good nite.
Mereka pun basuh telinga, basuh tangan, basuh kaki, basuh muka, gosok gigi (while acting on cleaning up the various body parts).
Thumper pun tidur atas rumput kering.
Bunyi rumput kering itu, pssshhhh, psshhhh, pshhhhh.
Ayah dan ibu rabbit, sayang rabbit (kiss their blessed little heads) dan kata good nite.
Mereka pun tidur.

Both Asyraf and Adam loves the book. :)

So, go and try these steps. Wish you lots of luck.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Adik Adam dah pandai kasi revenge to Abang Asyraf dah.

Ada 1 night tuh, Asyraf nak tido, guling nyer guling, terguling naik atas tangan adik dia, menangis la si budak kecik tuh. Asyraf pun g dekat and kiss adik, tido sebelah adik to say sorry. Adik pusing sebelah, amik a fistful of abang's hair and...TARIKKK!

Sabor aje lah.

Adik Adam dah senyum2, pandai tarik semua menda masuk mulut, buat mulut imitate orang makan, main tolak2 stuffs, guling-guling macam tenggiling, angkat bontot nak ke depan.

Game yg paling dia suka, Adik Adam the Helicopter Boy. Ternganga2 gelak bila dia pergi menyelamatkan abang dia jatuh motorsikal. :D

Tak sure sempat tak petang nih Helicopter Boy nak tolong Ultraman Mebius dari menyelamatkan Tokyo dari Resaksa (ibu). Resaksa dah start keja, so kena balek lambat. So, less time nak main ngan dua2 hero nih.



Thursday, August 01, 2013

Mengikut Anno Domini, Asyraf is 2 years old now.

Asyraf likes heavy machineries like crane, excavator, forklift, lori sampah, lori minyak, etc. Can identify vehicles too like motorcycle, car, plane, rocket, belon udara panas (hehehe, ibu dia yg lebih2).

Starting to count 1-10. Starts to know his ABC and Alif, Ba, Ta. A untuk Ayah, B untuk Ball, C untuk Cicak, D untuk Dog, woo woo.

And his new top pyjama, Spiderman! Loves kurma and knows that kambing bunyi beeekkkk.

Really loves to peluk Adik Adam and sayang pipi dia, sampai tido pun nak peluk Adik.

Semuga Asyraf membesar menjadi orang yang beriman, beramal soleh dan diberkati oleh Allah sentiasa.


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