Wednesday, January 02, 2013


My check-up was okay. Doctor cakap leh continue monitoring aje. Kali nih dokter set 2 weeks baru jumpa, provided I gave her the common 4 readings. Ok la tuh, dari everyday kena cucuk jari cam a few friends yang dah kena, or worse still, insulin injection.

So now, no coffee in the morning, no sugary treats, no white rice penuh pinggan dah. Everything is portioned and controlled.

Last controlled week, si Hanim suh ikut diet K Aini....sekeping roti whole wheat sekali makan. Huhuhu, sib baik tak ikut. Dalam moderate diet nih pun leh turun 1.2 kg dalam seminggu. Siap kena sound ngan dokter, yg best dokter tuh bukan my current dokter pulak tuh. Naya aje kena sound.

Anyway, daily food like below will get me reading around 5 mmol/l after 2 hours :

Breakfast : 2 pieces of high grain/whole wheat with cheese.
Elevense : A few pieces of crackers with a spoonful of hummus.
Lunch : Half plate of rice, with 1 medium fish/chicken and lots of vegetables.
Tea : A moderate sized green apple with 1 piece of bread wt cheese.
Dinner : A bowl of vegetables with a piece of chicken and half plate of rice.
Supper : A few pieces of crackers.

(However, you need to check with your doctor on what that you can eat/portion coz each person have different tolerances towards sugar)

The rule :
1) Eat lots of fibre - it makes tummy feel fuller, longer.
2) Eat carbohydrate with protein - this makes our body to slowly absorb the carbohydrate.
3) Eat smaller portions but frequently - this will enable the body to cope with the sugar from the food and prevents sugar crash.
4) No nasik goreng at all, a plate of nasik goreng+kuew tiaw goreng+1 cup of coffee=8.2. Huhuhu.

The tips :
1) If you want to try new foods, or new portions, then do the 2 hrs blood test after eating the food. If the reading is normal, then ok lah. If not, no more eating that particular food or reduce the portion.
2) Only can eat green apples. Even the red apples can only be consumed in portions only. The rest of the fruits, bye bye lah.
3) Munch sloooooowwwwwwwwlyyyyyyyyyy. This will trick your brain into thinking that you ate a lot. ;)
4) Vegetables are calorie free.....wuhu!! So eat large portions of it.
5) I like High Five High Grain bread, it contains more nuts and taste better too. Even my little one loves it.
6) Peanut butter is okay, just a spoonful (or two) per eating tho.
7) Other nuts are also okay for snack time, make sure a portion only lah. Jangan makan sampai 1 plastik. :D per portion should be whatever that can fit into your grip.
8) To better understand what you can eat/portions, it is better to have the blood sugar tester thingamajic. This will greatly help in understanding your tolerances towards sugar and of course saves time and energy since you do not need to run to the clinic for the tests. In the long run, it saves money too since per test in my hospital is RM35. The kit costs RM165. Last week, I need 3 tests. This week I would need another 3 tests, kira sendiri lah kan.
9) Drink lots of water. Really. It makes u feel fuller, tho make sure you are within 30 secs of reaching the toilets. Hehehe.
10) If you are still hungry, buat2 busy. Most probably psychology aje. Since doctor said you can consume limitless portions of vegetables, just ngap aje la. Currently per week grocery shopping for vegetables is equal to previously per month punya, okay. ;)

So, for whomsoever that have pregnancy diabetes like me....the keyword is CONTROLLED EATING.

Well, Good luck. ;)



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