Friday, May 25, 2012

Semalam kena sambung keja dari umah, so terpaksa la duduk kat sudut umah. Have to barricade the little boy since he loves playing with laptops (he loves banging on the keys like his mom and dad).

Anyway, dia mengaruk nak main laptop daku. Sambil trying to access my network sambil la sembang2 ngan dia. Then, suddenly tgk dia lower his head sampai tak nampak daku and then suddenly spring up and say 'Akk' and then gelak2.

Asyraf dah pandai initiate main acilut chak!!

Terpaksa la stop keja jap and main acilut chak ngan dia.

Ayah tensen tgk kitorg tgh main, stop keja gaks and terus jump into the game. Nasib baik la daku still teringat keja yg kena buat, kalau idak.....


Friday, May 18, 2012

Perebutan kasih sayang telah bermula.

Sibling rivalry, even tho bukan dari mak dan ayah yg ummi dan abuya....(will be mummy dan daddy too).

(Dialogue as below are conjectures only)

"Ini nenek shayer....".

"Bukan! Ini nenek shayer la".

"Ini nenek shayer laaaa".



"Gurgle!" (yang bermaksud...nope! This nenek is MINE!!"

Itulah yang akan terjadi bila Asyraf, Rasad dan Mikael berjumpa.

One day tuh, nenek datang rumah nak jumpa cucu2 dia. Kitorang pun himpun la all the existing ones...daaaah diorg start berebut nenek. Sorang tuh tak mobile lagik, so nenek dukung la dia. Dah yg si mobile berkerut muka, cepat2 dia pegi merangkak ke arah nenek sambil buat muka cumel suh nenek dukung dia gaks. Aisshhh....terkapa2 nenek nak dukung dua2 sekali.

Apa la nak jadik bila another one keluar nanti.....

Yang pasti bila nenek ada, ibu and ummi jatuh saham. Semua nak berkepit ngan nenek.
Itulah kelebihan seorang nenek. Tangan kasar nenek lembut melayani kerenah cucu, nak apa semua cucu dapat, nak tido pun nenek senang aje tidokan.

We will miss you so much nenek.

(Nenek dah pegi umah Mikael sementara menunggu Mikael dilahirkan)

Monday, May 14, 2012

As daku dah bercerita, Asyraf dah starts makan solid. Since takde experience, we had started wt Cerelac for the first few months. Try pureed sendiri food at 1 time, tapi Asyraf ada problem dalam perut and mulut dia for a time, so stop kejap la...just nak setel back perut dia.

So now, kitorg start balek buat sendiri food dia.

All time loved, is nasik bubur and ayam.

Resepi dia,
Ayam paha seketul.
Bunga kobis.
Halia dan bawang putih skets.
Mixed herbs skets.
Cara2: Masak semua sekali sampai nasik menjadi bubur. Then pureed that stuff. Dia akan jadi kaler oren2 skets.

Kalau tak sempat nak masak for yourself, nasik bubur yg lebih tuh mu tambah garam skets and cabai siam skets. Dah siap ur dinner!! Kekeke. Cuba teka mana makanan anak dan mana makanan ibu?

Kalau masak singgang pulak, amik kuah dia skets (a few sudu) and ikan tuh skets. Blend sekali ngan nasik bubur kosong (or cam yg daku buat kat atas without ayam). Satu family makan menda yg sama. Senang kan?

Daku try la nasik bubur dan labu kuning. Basic stuffs but Asyraf tak berapa makan, mebe sebab agak manis. Bila masuk mulut dia nanti buat muka tak sedap. So labu kuning yg kat rumah tuh, sapa yg nak abiskan nih??? 

Nota kaki : Lepas pureed, hasil akan jadik agak kuning. Jgn panic, just suap aje. ;)

Or, Asyraf's most feveret. Nasik Arab. Dulu daku sampai nak cramp jarik sebab asik lenyek nasik dia. 1 fine day, my grey matters keja overtime. Took his nasik bubur skets (extra air), amik nasik arab 2 sudu...puree kan aje the stuffs. Siap!! Selamat jari dan tangan daku. Kekeke.

Tried pureed banana. Sangat tidak suka.
Dulu dia suka Hummus (paste from chick peas, available in Arabian shops), nowadays agak tidak berapa la.

Hmmm.....nak try sweet potato and avocado pulak nanti.

But my mother's hunch is that my son loves savoury food, less on sweet stuffs.


Monday, May 07, 2012

The common behaviours between a baby and a shark.

1) Shark eats EVERYTHING.
When they open a shark's stomach, they find everything from fish, to tires and car's number plate. Basically a shark will eat will a baby.
My baby tries to eat all inclusive of his grandmother, his toys, my coffee table, his father's sofa, his play cot...etc. I had managed to confiscate from his mouth such things as tissue, paper pamphlet, thread...I could not even contemplate the things that he managed to swallow when I am not around...Thank God for the small sized gobbler hole, so only small items can go thru. :)

2) Shark can strike very fast.
A shark swims (you would seem like without a purpose) slowly, and then suddenly with a swish of its tail, it would get a fish in its mouth.
So would a baby, well.....except for the poor fish. You would do something and at the same time monitoring a baby. The baby seems playing sedately with a toy, when you turn your head to pick up something and then suddenly, the baby is not where he was playing. He is already zooming across the room to play with the (taboo) handphone that you are currently charging.

3) Shark bites.
Baby bites...hands, fingers, nose, toes...EVERYTHING!!! Also inclusive of those items that would elicite you to say..."Ewwww! Gross!!".

4) Nose's sensitivity.
Scientific research shows (written by scientists that still have hands) that a shark will be in entranced mode when you push against the tip of its nose. This is due to the tip of the nose is full of sensitive nerves that when you push it, the shark's brain will get an overload.
I noticed that when I touch babies nose, they will usually also be put into kinda entranced mode where most of the baby will be cross eyed (watching ur finger on the tip of his/her nose) and then followed by a huge grin or worst, giggling!!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Having my cuppa....

Now am bf-ing, have to watch my caffein intake. If too much the little one will have trouble going to sleep. So, 1 large mug (or barrel) per day only. 1 only hokay!! Don't take 2. ;)

Anyway, I was looking back towards my old blog entries. WOw!! Basically I had started my blog since 2003. 9 years already, tho I can still remember the day that I had started to create my blog. was actually an attempt to make myself love writing. Basically, I hate writing...prefer to read. But that was then la. 

Now, after 9 years, I had managed to reinvent myself. 

I am no longer a resentful, negative lady that I used to be. Full of hate towards mankind and everything in between. It was used to be, Me against The World. Now no more....I now look at a glass with water as half full (usually need replenishment) and usually take the glass away and put it higher so that my little one would not try to grab it.

What was important back then, is of no significance at all now. What I had not even dreamed about, is now a reality. I had learned to not take everything for granted, but now....I also learn to dream.

I am now a contented woman with a family. Full of stuffs to do, but guess what, I have the people that really counts all around me.

Yes, I am also much more selective towards friendship. I try to let those with no value slip pass, like an iceberg in the night. No splashes, no worries....bye bye matey. No more Ms NiceLady that worries over insignificant people and gestures. 

Life really had been good to me, I am blessed by Allah. Hope that me and my family will always be under Allah's guidance and protection. 




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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
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- T.A. Conrad

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
- William Blake,
excerp from Auguries of Innocence.

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