Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hehehe. Well, what do I miss now since I am the size of a huge cruiser ship?

1) Coffee! Ok, I need to put it as number 1 since I am a coffee junkie. Take it black wt sugar, wt milk, nescafe, whatever....I love coffee in all its form. Dulu minum 2-3 mugs per day. Now kena reduce to 1 measly cup per day..tuh dah max dah tuh. :(

2) The feeling of being sexy. They do say that being sexy is in the attitude. Banyak lah! How can you feel sexy when you can only wear low heels, wear tent like clothes that should be able to house a family of Mongolians, wobble left and right like a penguin when you walk, so large that you cannot walk between the aisle of a shopping mall and cannot even remember whether you had eaten for breakfast and since you are really hungry, you eat breakfast again? Also, whenever I move, it feels like Hagrid is walking among the schoolchildren at Hogwarts. Why are the people so small and skinny? Sigh..

3) Ability to sleep the whole night without waking up at all. Toilet breaks and nightmares...camno nak tido? Tuh tak termasuk tak leh tido sebab perut, belakang and tepi sakit. Also, nak masuk ke my favourite position pun sangat la tak dapat. :(

Posture yg selesa masa tido adalah amat digalakkan, seperti masa nak tido letak 1 bantal kat celah kaki, 1 bantal nipis lapik perut dan 1 bantal kepala yang memanjang sehingga boleh dipeluk ngan tangan.

Ada 1 lagik posisi yg lagik selesa, pastikan orang yg tido kat sebelah tuh menelentang. Then pusing badan anda sehingga 3/4 turn dengan 1 tangan atas perut dia and 1 lagi tangan ke belakang anda. Cuma perlu pastikan pasangan tido anda tido ngan nyenyak dan tak bergerak2 atau bercakap2. :D

4) Ability to sit down for a couple of hours quietly. It may seem petty, but I do want to enjoy a movie or read a book without running to the toilet 2-3 times in an hour. Sib baik my dear hubby buat movie room kat umah, huuuuuuge screen. Pasang movie tgk citer yg ada aliens best woo. Bila rasa nak pegi toilet, pause kan dulu. wakaka.

Kalau pegi shopping, semua toilet kat situ daku ziarah. Especially kalau time baby active, kejap2 toilet, kejap2 toilet. Ada one time tuh, rasa 3/4 of the toilets kat dalam Sunway tuh daku pegi.

5) Kenyang. I am too hungry all the time. Snacks are my best friend now. I have a cache of food in my office drawers and it is all mine and mine alone!!

Makan byk buah, oats dan menda2 yg byk serat. Insya Allah kenyang anda akan berpanjangan.

6) Rasa bertenaga. Bila abis keja, sampai umah aje, tenaga dah abis. Penat giler, nak jalan pun kekadang cam lebih kepada merangkak. Sampai umah, terjelepok dulu. Rasa cam kertas aje, terlepok atas karpet....and collapse is the exact word to describe me at the end of the day.

Nih, chek tak leh nak tolong. Kekadang kena minta tolong hubby buat keja umah, or minta tolong dust bunnies untuk belari ke tong sampah ngan sendiriknyer.

7) Rasa senang bernafas. Usually dia tersangkut2, so kena alert skets pasal nih. Kalau tetiba rasa napas makin lama makin pendek then start tercungap2, tuh dah area kuning dah. Bangun cepat duduk sambil sandar kat dinding. Bukan apa, penah jadik sekali daku ingat tido tuh leh senang nak bernapas, end up longlai, takder tenaga langsung. Sib baik ada orang kat umah.

Err...ada byk lagik, tapi daku tak ingat. Momnesia on the strike. :D


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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
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To see a world in a grain of sand,
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