Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1) No more catwalk. Now more like penguin walking down the slope. Hobble to the left, hobble to the right...skip, and start over again. Well, may be not the skip part. :D Also, no more fast walking. It is quite painful in the stomach regions. Might be because of the weight that I put there...

2) No more deep sleep. Due to 3 reasons :
Every night it is at least 1 time walking off to the loo. Sometimes 3 times. My husband is currently well aware that if suddenly in the middle of the night, I just wake up and walk off, it is not sleep walking. More like a hippo stampeding off to the waterhole and I WILL mow down anyone or anything in the way.

Also, it hurts. Sleeping on the back is a no no, the weight of the baby can crush my vena cava. The best is sleeping on the left. The issue is, when sleeping on my left too long causes my left side to hurt. Hmmm. So now I am sleeping with a slew of pillows all arnd me, barricaded me againts the world.

The third reason why I cannot sleep deeply, is because of the nightmares. It is becoming much more vivid and wayyy more scary. One night, I dreamt that I was accompanying my mum thru a scary patch of woods when we got chased by ghosts. One of them managed to touch my waist, and guess what, I woke up with the feeling that someone is touching my waist for real. Hmmm....scary ain't it?

3) No more tight clothes. My stomach is protruding waaaayyy out and it is uncomfortable to wear tight clothes. Plus, my baby is an active fella and do not like being restricted. Much like her aunties....

4) A lot of aches in the vicinity of my stomach. Sometimes it hurts on the right, sometimes down below, most of the time on the left side. Even tho it is just the ligaments trying to adjust to the added weights, sometimes the pain is so intense that I go 'Uh', which will then scares my hubby. Just trying to be aware of the changes in my body and pray to my God that the baby is fine.

5) Need to be aware for light-headedness. Too much walking...light headed, too hot....light headed. Well, no more shopping like crazy...or queuing up at McDonald's.

6) Cannot drive too far, especially after a full days of hard work. Last time coming back from Penang after Hanim's pertunangan stomach and feet got cramps. While there was no issue when I drive back to Penang from here.

7) The Malays call it Tarik Mengkarung. Cramps in the leg...people say mostly due to not sufficient iron in the bloodstream. Not so sure true or not....Well, I live in a city, had never saw a Mengkarung here, how come the animal just come and pull my leg without me able to see it? Invisible lizard?? p/s: is it possible that a little alligator (HP jokes) comes and pull my leg?

Tho, all the pain and aches and discomfort are worth it especially when I can feel my baby moves within me.

Last night, we had a little tag game; I tag baby, baby tag me back. Ayah try sekali, tho he is a bit scared that the pushing my belly part will cause pain to either of us. Do not worry la ayah, baby is kahaq just like ibu....kan...kan... ;)


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