Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ok, new development.

Kalau daku stress, daku muntah. Everything that ever passed my mouth akan kluar balek.

First started on the day of my exam. Dah la exam after lunch. Makan bekpes, uwek. Lepas makan lunch, pun uwek. Sib baik makan malam tak uwek. Dah la bergerak balek ke Penang petang tuh. Hanum kat sebelah asik jeling ajer takut daku takder energy, passed out ker, koma ker. Sib baik la tgh excited, so adrenaline pumping like crazy.

Nih, jadik lagik. Aku tengah stress pasal rumah pulak nih. Dah abis all my bekpes kuar. Tension daku, dah la susah payah daku masukkan all the relevant vitamins and minerals dalam bihun goreng ku itu. Sib baik tak ikut cadangan my kekasih untuk masukkan udang cam semalam. Adeh...and now need to make sure that the supplement yg daku baru makan nih tak kuar2. Camno tuh?
Mencabar sungguh.

Tapi, Alhamdulillah sebab daku still ada energy to move around and function like a normal human being...well, sorta normal. ;)

Cuma now, no more stress for me.

Kepada yang berkenaan, another holiday please??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tahniah kepada pasangan Azmah Hanim dan Saleh.

Majlis pertunangan pada 20 Feb 2011 yang lepas telah berlangsung dengan jayanyer. Gedebak gedebuk, ngan selsema nyer, dengan headache nyer...semua telah berjaya diharungi.

Below pix Hanim ngan barang hantaran. Kekeke, nak gaks enter frame sebab some of the hantaran tuh my idea. ;)

Pasangan yang bahagia. Hmph...selesai sudah....leh tarik napas. :)

I really love this pix. Asal nak letak 2 gambar ajer, tapi tak leh tahan....loves this pix, captured by adik kesayangan dia, si Hanum. Pandangan sayu dari belah pompuan, "nak balek dah ker?" dari belah lelaki pulak...."next time ada majlis, guer kendong mu bawak balek."



Monday, February 14, 2011

Head felt fuzzy.

Body is so tired, I was contemplating to roll from the parking lot to my office.
The weekend is a whirlwind between kenduri, work and housework.

Yes, managed only to nap a bit while waiting for my partner to find his friend during the kenduri...which shows how tired I

Let me just say, my generator is stuttering and sputtering to cope with the demands put on it. Don't forget that I was also coughing like crazy the whole time too. 3 nights of barely sleeping with 3 days of barely resting...really, really hope that with Bit tonight, I can sleep a bit. hehehe.

My doctor apparently is a bit shocked, well shouted a bit too. I managed to lose 2 kg in a month, apparently I am supposed NOT to do that. But at least, I was not as overweight as I thought I was. Well, got another huge vitamin as a compensation. Yiehaa....

Uh, today is Valentine's day. Wonder if the guy ever thought that his name will be commemorated as a lovers day. I think he will be embarrased. Most guys want his name to be remembered somewhat with dignity, macho and warrior-ly. Instead, people give red heart balloons, wrote poems, give chocolates today. What if his name was Rudolf? Lestat? or something with more manly kekeke.

Let's not celebrate today, after all Valentine's day are only endorsed by those shopping malls and corporates that want to fleece our money. Well, answer then why a stupid flower costs 10 times as much today than last week? Celebrate your love everyday instead. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Excited!! Palm is back!!!!

Well...not exactly. It is now named HP WebOS. ;)

Got 2 smart phones and 1 tablet with the same OS. Will be available this coming summer.

A question....When will it come to Malaysia? Only HP knows.

Another huge question, will HP staffs got any discount?? I hope so. Tho, I am not keen on jumping on the 'Me first' bandwagon. Let them iron out all the kinks first. Hehehe, I'll just be a follower, thank you very much.

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