Monday, August 30, 2010

This is not a whining post, just that I talked with my friend last week and since she was a school teacher, had met a lot of children. One of the issue that we talked about concerns the special children. The ones that need extra love, patience and a bit dash of understanding.

Well, I am a Dyslexic. Not proud abt it, just resigned to that fact.

Known about it for quite sometime already, when one of my collegemate who was doing a topic abt Dyslexia distributed a small questionaire among her 'test subjects'. I displayed the most common dyslexic symptoms (and yes, I became her pet test subject). No, I had not gone for any professional examination. Don't think that I need to know precisely how bad my condition is since I had gone thru a lot of problems during the sekolah rendah and sekolah menengah.

Ok, among the symptoms that I had displayed :
1) Really late to talk, my mum said only started talking arnd 2 years old.
2) Left and right disorientation. My mom always exasperatedly changed my left and right school shoes after I tied them. But, I did win first prize during my tadika's tying shoelaces competition, go figure!
3) Cannot tie shoelaces. The knots are so complicated for me and I usually end up doing the deadknot which my mum had to pry open with tweezers. So lastly, my mom bought me those Pallas shoes with the straps.
4) Hate facts related subjects. I love History since I can tell stories, the 'what happen'. Tho dates and people's name really boggles me.
5) I have no idea on how to read maps. That is why I love Google Map. It gives me points and landmarks so it helped me on visualization. Hehehe.
6) Bad at maths, tho somehow really good at Pelan dan Dongakan & Pelayaran subjects. Even my teacher was astounded by this. ;)
7) Bad memory for number, especially telephone numbers. Thank God for Handphones.
8) Really low pain threshold. Asked my doctors, they usually give me extra pain killers. ;)
9) Really, really clumsy. I had bruises all over my body and even at 1 point in time, the doctor examining me was asking questions whether I got beaten at home.
10) Not so sure abt this, but I have a really good imagination. Which causes extra problem when you are living alone. :D
11) Really difficult to memorize names, have no issue with faces tho. Connecting the face with a name is a nightmare.

Most of my friends know that I have a really high rate of getting 'lost' in places and roads. I have no idea what road to take and which directions that I had gone thru. Yes, it is really frustrating and GPS is my main friend on the road. But then, sometimes GPS simply lost its signal and I am back to square one....which is praying to Allah so that I can find my way back home.

Tho now, growing up being called a slow learner and a lot of denda by standing in classes when I cannot answer question, had made me good at improvisation. I can tie shoelaces and identify the correct side of shoe for the correct side of feet (well, I can compare shapes, hehehe). Left is the side of the hand that can create the L shape. Kanan is the side of the hand that moves a lot. Google map and GPS are my main companion. I'm old enuf to NOT take anymore school subjects (Yeay!!). I chose easily to remember numbers based on some rhythm for my own handphone number. I skirted waaaaaay clear from clutter, even tho for others, my house looks like having too little furniture. I don't watch horror movies. And I mostly don't go to parties, which causes some people to call me anti-social. ;)

It is a disability of sort and proves both frustrating to me and to others too. Patience in this case IS a virtue, which I'm sorely lacking. Still learning and still trying to ignore feeling slighted, especially with people that do not understand that each human is different or did not care that I can barely comprehend the small slip of map that they throw to me.

Well, everyday is still a challenge and I am still trying my best to deal with it.

May Allah give me more patience.

Some linx for you to read more about Dyslexia. Read abt it and identify whether the children around you might need extra patience and understanding. Visual aids helped us a lot and believe me, Dyslexic children are NOT stupid. Keep in mind, there are many levels of Dyslexia and each children shows different symptoms.


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