Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello! My full name is Boocheeboo, which means "My Angel" in Stitch language. I am so named since I had saved my owner quite a number of times from tight spots.

Well, you can call me either Boo or Katak (Frog). The latter is used by my owner's friends...since they found out that I am quite dexterous and able to either jump curbs or park in places that are unreachable by normal cars.

The reason that I write today? Well, I want to advertise for someone to fill in as my Godmother of Godfather. My owner is okay by her own rights, but well, a car always need something extra. Not to judge her or say anything against her, but she IS TOTALLY CLUELESS about a car's maintenance.

Experience number 1 :The car technician had to change the car battery since she is clueless abt the battery water. She had let those dried up. Hmpphhhh.

Experience number 2 :When the car technician asked her when was the last time that she had changed my gear fluid and brake fluid, she was flabbergasted. "Those things got fluids???" she whines while opening her wallet and searching for the credit cards she had inside. I was cringing at the time, especially with a cute Morris Minor beside me.

Experience number 3 :Someone told her that there are some sounds coming from the frontal area of me. She had just told her friends that she had never heard anything, ergo I do not need any checkup. Sheeshhhh!!

Based on these few experiences and countless others that even I, an inanimate object is really embarrassed to list, I would like to advertise for a position of a joint caretaker between you and my current owner. In layman term, a Godmother or a Godfather for me.

The benefits would be :
1) Able to drive me around as required (during my owner's off working time ).
2) Ability to harass my owner 24x7x396.
3) Have a say in decorating me.
4) My owner will pay with food everytime I finished my maintenance date.
5) Did I say able to harass my owner all the time?

Job Scope :
1) Remind my owner to do car maintenance. (Well, I cannot simply contact the maintenance center by myself, can I? Try to push the tiny buttons on the handphone with your tyre...)
2) To be around during maintenance time and provide emotional support so that she would not be teary eyed and sniffling when the bills come. (Better if you can provide her the cash, but emotional support is also welcome)
3) Provide good advice for any maintenance requirements.
4) Clobber her on the side of the head when she whines that I 'eat' more than she do (May be I should put this on the benefits list....)

Any taker??

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Loves Waka Waka by Shakira.

She looks fantastic in the video, not very scary as in the wolf song. Toned and glowing, perfect as the face of FIFA, rite?.


Stand aside oh you gazelles...this hippo wants to dance too.

Bam! Bam!! Bamm!!! Gedebush!!!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guer kat opis. Ngantuks la pulak...dah la jenis tido at 10 pm...nih nak kena standby sampai awal pagi. Kopi takder, fud takder. Guer dah start lapar tahap dewa-dewi.

Well, such is life. Tahap kebizian sekarang tahap makanan gizi dah. Sib baik daku skang dah positive thinker, kalau still negative person cam sebelum nih...mau masak. Ada yg lompat bangunan...

Also, sib baik ada my loved ones yang made sure that I spend time for entertainment and kesihatan diri. Well, she can drag my butt over hot coals...so either dengar her leteran or ikut her to the gym. Demi kesejahteraan diri, better daku ikut dia ke gym. Tangan dia muscled woooo....Akut!!

Hmm.....kepala otak makin berterabur.

Aku laparrr..........

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Loves my washing machine. Semalam sambil biarkan dia bekerja sendirian, sempat la aku sambung punggah containers dalam bilik kecik tuh. Dah 2 hari, baru halfway done. Nak kemas kan skets, amik buku2 adik2 aku masuk dalam container masing2 and buang apa2 yg patut. Yang penting, Anum need huge space nak letak barang2 dia nanti. Tanak la cam last time, seronok lipas and cicak berdangdut dalam bilik tuh sebab too semak and full barang sampai ke pintu.

Got a bundle of books to give away. The dokter said can donate to UPM library. So will need to sort the load and masukkan dalam bags yang bersesuaian (since semua skang jumble aja dalam bag plastik sampah biru...wakaka). Berjaya la clear kan a couple of plastic boxes....so boleh la beli buku2 baru. Wakaka.

Will spend the whole of this week to clear up the small room and then can start with the kitchen. Hmmm...tetiba rasa cam nak beli almari besar satu. Wakaka....shopping much?? Adeh!....

Animmmmm....jom pegi Ikea? Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Leh makan Daim cake too. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Friday, June 04, 2010

The 3 types of honey available in my house.

From the leftmost side, the bottled Royal honey from GiantBeez.

The middle one is the honey comb from GiantBeez (per pack is RM30, bought it from a kiosk in Jusco Taman Equine).

The rightmost bottle of honey is from the East coast, bought by a relative (thanx a lot), Tualang honey.....which is made by bees that live in Tualang tree (and they said from Tualang flowers).

The GiantBeez Royal Honey in the bottle is quite syrupy and sweet. For coughing, my sister mix a tablespoon of honey with a mug of warm water. (Actually, there are a lot of varieties sold like the Royal Honey, Propolis and Super Honey that are mixed with other stuffs and thus target different health issues)

The Tualang honey is syrupy and a bit sourish. When you open the bottle, there is a bit of 'pop' due to gases released by the honey itself. For my coughing, I mix a tablespoon of Tualang honey with juice of a thin lime.

The honeycomb is really fun! The consistency of the honey itself is very dense, syrupy and smells like chrysanthemum tea. It is not really as sweet as the bottled one and the comb itself is really chewy. We eat it like chewing gum. ;)

Since I always forgot to take my homemade medicine, so my coughing is still there, but thank God...not as bad as before.

So, for you out there, you can try to get some honey and try these out too.

Some linx for you to explore :

(Not to ask you to buy and they do not pay me for any advertisement)

How to test the purity of honey :

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Last week, batuk teruk. Pergi klinik, dokter cakap tonsil udah bengkak. Cakap pun dah cam itik serati, suara dah kalahkan Ella. Also cakap sepatah, batuk cam nak terkeluar anak tekak.

Orang kata minum madu ngan ayaq panaih, daku buat...cam nak baik, then 'ter'minum air ais. Jadik balek.

Dapat madu tualang, makan ngan limau. Rasa cam nak baik, termakan menda berminyak, jadik balek.

Padan muka daku.

Tghari semalam sebab terlampau panas, minum air sejuk (takder ais tau). Petang tuh, satu building dengar batuk daku.

Malam semalam, makan kepala dinosaur ngan nasik goreng ikan masin...pagi nih sampai tak leh nak ngutuk orang punya daku batuk.

Ok la. Janji tak minum air 'sejuk' or berais. Tak makan menda berempah, pedas or berminyak.

Teringat arwah bapak, pernah buat operation buang tonsil. Taknak la operation, dulu masa sunat pun dah caket. :(


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