Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  Tired already

Tired already

With the Malaysia politics issue
With the so called 'NOT' recession issue
With my company's future financial issue
With so many things to do at the office

Nak set date with my heart-throb. Tengok muka dia berpuluh-puluh kali pun
takper....ilang stress.

Setiap kali tgk dia...I go 'aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww'


Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Diary,

Sleepy, but I have a change in a few mins.

Hope everything goes well.

Anyway, just want to say...how disappointed that KJ got the Head UMNO Youth thingie post. What the h*$%? I thot all the grass roots gave support to Mukhriz? Well, he does win the previous pencalonan waaaaaayyyyy ahead of everyone else.

And don't forget KJ was also given a WARNING due to money politics!!

Does this means that UMNO likes money politics? Shucks!!

Owh, screw us...the rakyat.

Monday, March 23, 2009

For a fren...to introduce him to 2 most (what can i say, except...) hot people in Bollywood.

Btw, the hot lady had already been taken....jangan ko minat plak, mati guer kena tetak ngan ur wifey.

Dil laga na - Dhoom 2

p/s : Saja tak buat auto play, pandai2 la korang stopkan current song and mainkan this video.

Friday, March 20, 2009
  My prayers...

My prayers for my friend's dad recovery and the whole family...

May Allah bless them and give them strength to endure and survive this


Thursday, March 19, 2009
  Towards you...

I am crazy of this song right now...'Towards you'.

Good voice, excellent music with oh, so touching lyric. Below is an excerp
of the lyric....too lazy to put the rest, it is actually very long.

~Towards You~

I Lost My Heart, It Became Someone Else's
A Way To The Heart, I Found Of Happiness
In My Eyes, Is A Dream Of Someone
A Way To The Heart, I Found Of Happiness

a New Relation, God, the Heart Has Begun Touching Now
and A String Pulls Me Towards You towards You

towards You Towards You Towards You O God!
towards You Towards You Towards You
towards You Towards You Towards You O God!
towards You Towards You Towards You

once There Was A Heer And A Ranjha
so Say The Fables, In My Village
if The Heart Is True No Matter A Hundred Troubles
destiny Bows Down At Your Feet
yeah My Embrace, Oh God! Has Come To Be Your Shade
now It Won't Embrace Anyone Else No Matter What

towards You Towards You Towards You O God!
towards You Towards You Towards You
towards You Towards You Towards You O God!
towards You Towards You Towards You

Kan...best kan lyric dia. Boleh la korang dedicate kat sesapa yang korang

Aku nak dedicate to my 'sotong'....

Chish, baru dapat lagu Crazy Heart plak. Cam nak menari with my 'sotong'.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Dah tgk last 2 week with my loved one.....a late review on Geng (Upin & Ipin).

My take? Best giler. For a Malaysian movie, it is really nice and entertaining. Takder lawak-lawak spastik dan slapstik...atau drama cinta yang meloyakan dan rasa cam nak bagi penampar ajer kat heroin dia.

Cuma sedih that the movie did not have much exposure. Buat la banyak skets iklan, posters....nih just words of mouth and The making of..Geng. Tapi still panggung penuh la.....Syabas Les' Copaque.

Aku bagi 9 bintang, out of 10. Dahsyat tuh bagi filem Melayu Malaysia.

Jalan cerita memang best...ada banyak twist and turn. Sangat sesuwai bagi bebudak (mebe ada part yg diorg takut skets...cam part kena kejar) and orang dewasa. The dialogue is nice, Upin & Ipin memang comel dan nakal giler. Actually diorang tuh bukan pelakon utama, tapi asik selit frame ajer. Just bahagian nyanyian ajer yang kureng skets...aku rasa dubbing fail, sbb tetiba ajer sound dia jadik weird and echolike. Takper, lepas nih cuba lagik.

Another wish, kalau diorang leh convert ke 3D, kira tambah menarik. Sangat-sangat sesuwai, especially part dikejar oleh ular besar....lintah besar....dan Kak Ros. ;)

Ok, Sappy.....GO!!!

P/s : Kalau korang tak sempat tgk wayang, tunggu la vcd/dvd original dia kluar. Tak lama lagik ajer...Sokong la industri filem tempatan.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yeah, I am still here...

More than 12 hours working and countless (between 4 to a hundred) cups of coffee. My europe PM pun kata dahsyat...aku nak suh dia review aku la...mana tau lepas nih leh dapat bonus. Hehehe.

Anyway, sambil menunggu alert mainframe masuk, aku main la google. Discovered Uncyclopedia...menarik gaks. One of the interesting article yang buat aku gelak giler :


It also have other hilarious and crazy articles.

Suggest http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Mecha

Good to read especially when you are waiting for an alert that never arrived. Especially the 'alert' that enables me to pack up and go home. The kind of alert that yesterday arrived at nearly 8 pm.


Kalau arrive...

Dabel deng....


Now I know why IT people are mostly overweight and smoke cigarettes...


We go to work, sit in front of our terminal/PC/laptop and just move our fingers....nimbly I might add. When bored, we drink coffee/soft drinks/eat. Evveerrryyyyyyy single day!


We go to work, sit in front of our terminal/PC/laptop and just move our fingers. When needed, we go to the server room (which is damn cold)......so like the polar bears, we need to give our body enough fat to insulate against the cold. That is the sole reason why we eat and fatten up our previously svelte body. It is a sacrifice laaa....for machinery and humanities.


Wake up very early in the morning/late at night.....thus disrupting our internal clocks to attend meeting/change. Thus, the body crave food all the time since it is confused and thought that it need additional supplements (stupid body, why don't you ask the brain? uh, uh, wake up brain.....well, both of you are grounded!!!)

Hmmm...plausible? Very, I would say.

Yeah, so what if I already drowned my body in 2 cups of white coffee and 1 large mug of tea? The day is just brightening and I have more than 11 hours to go...and that is only positive calculations....

Don't let me start on why the techies like to smoke......

Monday, March 02, 2009

Went with my sister to Cherating....she need to attend her seminar, me just being nosy. :)

Anyway, stayed at Impiana, Cherating. The room is nice, they made it something like the old Malays house. The floor is made from wood, so feels like 'balik kampung'. The concept is open air, so there are only windows between you and the sea, and if you want some privacy...you can lower down the bamboo blinds/screens.

All the rooms are facing the sea, so you can imagine how nice it is to sit down by the wooden platform at the window, with the seabreeze coming in...

I really love the room...even the drawback (lot's of mosquitoes at night) is solved with a romatic solution. The mosquito nets can be lowered down at night so that you are in your own world....

Ok, other drawbacks....the Impiana is in renovation mode, so they had closed one wing and the main lobby. You can barely hear the dins from the rooms...but it is quite scary walking in the main lobby with all the roofs being peeled and cast down.

Also, the buffet items are not varied and they tend to recycle the food. Well, the cakes in the lunch will appear at dinner with some modification....that sort of thing. The same breakfast with nasi lemak for 2 days in a row, we were wishing they have something else...like nasi dagang or something local. So, for all of us, the food is the main drawback for the hotel. Might be the main chef was away during the renovation or something.

The pool is so-so...typical of other hotel pools...well, the open jacuzzi is also under repair.

The beach is ok too....tho might be a bit rough since the monsoon season is not yet over, but still ok for playing at the beach.

So, thanx to my loved one for the paid for holiday. Will try to post some pix later in the week.


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- William Blake,
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