Monday, December 22, 2008
  The Day The Earth Stood Still

So tired. Tapi dalam sesangat busy and penat nya nih pun sempat lagik pegi
tgk The Day The Earth Stood Still. Kukuku.

The story synopsis, my version la...

An alien comes to Earth, with a final mission to judge whether we are
worthy to be let alive...or should die to save the Earth. He (Klaatu aka
Keanu Reeves) observes and talk with another under-cover alien and comes
to the conclusion that humans should die because we are by nature a
violent and destructive race. Not withstanding, the US of A government
that tries to interrogate him and destroys his spaceship several times.

However, during his mission, he encounter a few scientists that implored
that we be given a second chance. Also, a few main characters that changes
his perception that human race do have a gentler side to our nature.

What happened next? You have to see it by yourself. :)

Overall, I would give 3 1/2 out of 5.

The storyline is quite interesting, there are many aliens out there that
are watching us..judging us. Are we worthy of Earth? A planet that can
sustain life are very hard to find, and we are destroying Mother Earth
without any thought at all towards the future of either humanity or all of
the other inhabitants.

Klaatu's casting are perfect for Keanu Reeves. He, as an alien that are
very perplexed towards his new body functions but with greater feeling of
humanity towards us, humans. His portrayal of a supposed emotionless
emissary is perfect...and so is his suit. Yummy, I would say. ;) His big
companion, are only active during aggression or violent intent....but the
USA (represents humanity) are active and violent all the time.

We really love the nanobots. Soooo...cute.

However, I personally think that Klaatu is easily duped. He did not live
here long enough to know that we are a great pretender. The human would
still kill the Earth and in the end all would die for our greed. So, my
new catchphrase is Klaatu-like...meaning those that easily duped.

I would recommend this movie for all Scifi fans only. The symbolic
representations and the story itself requires us to think a bit, to remind
ourselves that we are not the only species living on the planet...but
definitely the most destructive one. The rest of the people would maybe
find this movie a bit boring since there are a lot of talking scenes, no
drama and only a bit of chasing scenes.

And did I mention Keanu in a suit? What can I say, except the alien got
good taste in cloning and clothes. ;P



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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
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To see a world in a grain of sand,
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