Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Since I was shouting "Hat rack. Hat rack. Expensive!! Expensive!!" last Christmas...so my own Santa introduced me to a new place (well, to me anyway)...Nilai 3.

A wondrous place it was. Hahaha.

Well, due to the lack of energy at that time, we managed to buy only 1 hat rack...so I went back to Nilai 3 last weekend with my loved ones.

There are basically 4 main things that are available :
1) Furniture (inclusive of carpets).
2) Kain ela.
3) Barang-barang hantaran.
4) Car kits (stuffs like tints, accessories, etc)

You have to walk a bit to get different prices. Ask around and of course...don't be afraid of bargaining to get the lowest price. For eg, my tikar...it is a 5x7 feet tikar with threads and buluh. At a Sarawak shop it was RM75. We bought the same thing at another shop, RM65 without bargaining...RM60 final price. See?

For those that is going to be married, some of the bunga telur are quite beautiful and cheap. There are various items suitable for those that wanted to do the items themselves, even for those that wanted to buy finished products. A lot of designs for inspirations are on display and various gorgeous plastic flowers. So I really recommend it for going to be brides and grooms to go and check it out.

As for the kain ela and car kits, really...I have no idea. Too many shops and me not really a shopper.

For the furniture, it is cash and carry. So, if you want that big bedroom set, you have to bring your own lorry. However, the price is quite affordable. The same hat rack in KL was RM70++, I bought it for RM39 only.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Got a jolt back to real life yesterday.

Apparently, my heart is saying something else when my mind knows that it would never ever be. Traitorous heart...should lock you up like Davy Jones's.

Should bite him harder tho.....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to everyones that are celebrating it!!

Below are some interesting linx if anyone care to checkidout.

(safe for kids - fun too)

Wiki and history on Christmas

Anything that I get for me this Christmas? Hmm...nothing yet. The items that I wanted are not on sale and I don't think that the shops will suddenly give discount on the magic mop thing-a-majig and the hat rack that I want tonite.

Dear Santa,
I really really want that magic mop and the hat rack. Kindly please refer to Jusco for the mop and Ikea catalog for the hat rack. In the meantime, I would also like the white bookshelves at Ikea.

I am a really really good girl this year and highly appreciate if you can get me the measly items listed above.

Yiehaa!! 0:)

Monday, December 22, 2008
  The Day The Earth Stood Still

So tired. Tapi dalam sesangat busy and penat nya nih pun sempat lagik pegi
tgk The Day The Earth Stood Still. Kukuku.

The story synopsis, my version la...

An alien comes to Earth, with a final mission to judge whether we are
worthy to be let alive...or should die to save the Earth. He (Klaatu aka
Keanu Reeves) observes and talk with another under-cover alien and comes
to the conclusion that humans should die because we are by nature a
violent and destructive race. Not withstanding, the US of A government
that tries to interrogate him and destroys his spaceship several times.

However, during his mission, he encounter a few scientists that implored
that we be given a second chance. Also, a few main characters that changes
his perception that human race do have a gentler side to our nature.

What happened next? You have to see it by yourself. :)

Overall, I would give 3 1/2 out of 5.

The storyline is quite interesting, there are many aliens out there that
are watching us..judging us. Are we worthy of Earth? A planet that can
sustain life are very hard to find, and we are destroying Mother Earth
without any thought at all towards the future of either humanity or all of
the other inhabitants.

Klaatu's casting are perfect for Keanu Reeves. He, as an alien that are
very perplexed towards his new body functions but with greater feeling of
humanity towards us, humans. His portrayal of a supposed emotionless
emissary is perfect...and so is his suit. Yummy, I would say. ;) His big
companion, are only active during aggression or violent intent....but the
USA (represents humanity) are active and violent all the time.

We really love the nanobots. Soooo...cute.

However, I personally think that Klaatu is easily duped. He did not live
here long enough to know that we are a great pretender. The human would
still kill the Earth and in the end all would die for our greed. So, my
new catchphrase is Klaatu-like...meaning those that easily duped.

I would recommend this movie for all Scifi fans only. The symbolic
representations and the story itself requires us to think a bit, to remind
ourselves that we are not the only species living on the planet...but
definitely the most destructive one. The rest of the people would maybe
find this movie a bit boring since there are a lot of talking scenes, no
drama and only a bit of chasing scenes.

And did I mention Keanu in a suit? What can I say, except the alien got
good taste in cloning and clothes. ;P


Thursday, December 18, 2008
  Mood status : Morello and very violent

Aku tak dapat my usual drug dose. Supplier busy @ takder. Hampagas

A lot is happening this month. A bit tired and cranky dah. Jangan la citer
pasal my Boo....dah nak masuk 2 jengkal....waaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Boss suh buat training la pulak pasal Unicenter nih. 1 training dalam next
week, comprehensive la jugak sebab nak bagi tau architecture and all the
issues kat my team mate and bebudak baru. Aku rasa aku belasah ajer, malas
nak layan sangat...dah la tatau status since kena bought over nih. Dengar
cam Mesia tak affected, hopefully betui la.

Another 2 training kena buat next month, tuh pun satu hal...apa aku nak
citer kat bebudak technical tuh? Bukannya diorg guna tool nih. Shish.

Then bebudak Australia bagitau plak ip address server betukar. Aku sunat
la bebudak nih kang..ingat senang ker nak tukar? Bukan aku yang simpan db
menda tuh.

Pagi nih dapat tau sebijik server critical tak dapat nak install
agents...Apahal la pulak? Tau la aku nak kena upgrade the management
version tuh terus, tapi jgn la buat cam nih...critical giler plak nyer

Dah la semalam jari cumel kaki aku kena hempap ngan lemari plastik.
Berdarah gaks la. Kalu lemari kayu, mesti dah hancur jari tuh. Anyone
wanna kiss my boo boo?



Wednesday, December 17, 2008
  Beyonce - If I Were A Boy

If I were a boy
even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
and throw on what I wanted and go

Drink beer with the guys
and chase after girls
I'd kick it with who I wanted
and I'd never get confronted for it
cause they stick up for me

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man
I'd listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

If I were a boy
I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone it's broken
so they'd think that I was sleeping alone

I'd put myself first
and make the rules as I go
Cause I know that she'll be faithful,
waiting for me to come home, to come home.

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man
I'd listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

It's a little too late for you to come back
Say it's just a mistake,
think i'd forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
you thought wrong

But you're just a boy
You don't understand
and you don't understand, ohhhh
How it feels to love a girl
Someday you wish you were a better man
You don't listen to her
You don't care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you're taking her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

But you're just a boy


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All the single ladies (7x)
Now put your hands up
Up in the club, just broke up
I'm doing my own little thing
Decided to dip but now you wanna trip
Cuz another brother noticed me
I'm up on him, he up on me
Don't pay him any attention
Cried my tears, three good years
Ya can't be mad at me

Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it

I put gloss on my lips, a man on my hips
Hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans
Acting up, drink in my cup
I could care less what you think
I need no permission, did I mention
Don't pay him any attention
Cuz you had your turn
But now you gonna learn
What it really feels to miss me


Don't treat me like things of this world
I'm not that kind of girl
Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve
He's a man that makes me and takes me
And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond
Pull me into your arms
Say I'm not the one you own
If you don't, you'll be alone
And like a ghost, I'll be gone

All the single ladies (7x)
Now put your hands up


Monday, December 15, 2008
  Bukit Antarabangsa Disaster........again

Hmm..tanah runtuh lagi di Bukit Antarabangsa.

Don't know what to say except 'deja vu'.

I still remember the previous Highland Towers incident where a lot of
people said a lot of things and came up with a lot of solutions to prevent
the same tragedy from happening again. But, it happened....and in the same
area nonetheless.

We need to stop pointing our fingers to other parties since we are all to
blame. From the purchasers which creates demand, the developers that
trying to make some money on the demand and the goverment that approves
the development without caring about the safety features or what it will
do to the environment.

All of us are to blame, and it is high time for us all to come together
(again) to provide a lasting solution to this kind of woes.

Please, don't let there be a third Bukit Antarabangsa disaster.

Thank you to all the heroes and heroines that helped in the disaster. You
all are the best!

That is true sacrifice, in the spirit of the celebration...spending valued
time (especially valued since it is Hari Raya Aidil Adha) to help other
people that might not even appreciate it (hence the bickerings and
arguments captured by the tv reporters). Whether they realise it or not,
appreciate if or not...the rest of Malaysia are humbled by YOUR sacrifice.
Rejoice in knowing that you had given your best....(and as I always
say)...damn the rest.


Friday, December 05, 2008
  Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Want to wish everyone a happy Eid ul Adha or Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
(this coming Monday).

For the non-Muslims, below is a link that can explain what we are

To a fren, Selamat Berkahwin tomorrow. I will see you on Sunday. Jangan
gabra dan tarik napas panjang-panjang. Jangan lupa inai. Letak kat kaki
too. Kawaii...Kukuku.

For the rest that would be bored nearly to death while waiting to rebahkan
lembu/kambing or gasp...camel, below is a link that you can click on, have
a chuckle but still give you some info. Still bored? The article do have
some other linkages for you to browse:


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Went to the famous Yuen Steamboat Restaurant, located at Sunway area last night.

There are many selections of marine creatures (prawns - udang harimau, mantis, kertas & alien lookalike, fishes-bawal putih & another 2 types, cuttlefish - torpedo, kurita & katak, kerang sate, 3 different types of sea cucumber and various other siput that I do not know the names). Also
available are various other balls and stuffs that you put into soups. Vegetables itself occupied a big table. Also available are mee/bihun/nasi goreng, fruits and a few other kuihs, don't forget there are various flavours of ice-creams.

That is the most lavish spread of seafoods I had ever seen and it's all you can eat with only RM20 price tag.

I saw quite a number of Malays even though it is a Chinese restaurant and I could not find the 'halal' sticker. So, I stick to seafoods only la. Between the three of us, we ate around 1 - 2 kg of prawns & a lot of flowers (as vege). Since mandi bunga is good, we figured makan bunga is
better. ;)

Since I like to try weird items, got a shock of my life when one of the sea cucumber type menatang that I took suddenly sprouts flower-like-thingie after been cooked. Took some gumption to eat those. But, I really could not eat the mantis prawn and the alien look-alike prawn (it looks like a cockroach laaaa).

Overall, I would give 3 1/2 stars out of 5. The area is clean enough, the tomyam is good tho the soup is a bit bland. There are many selections of food. Tho the minus is that it does not have the 'halal' stickers or at least a confirmation that all the chicken are taken from halal slaughterhouse.

But, I still like the Seoul Garden more. Hehehe.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Morale still low...or as my fren said, morello.

Aku tengah mood tak baik, memang asik nak bergaduh ajer la nih.

Aku nasihatkan jangan carik pasal ngan aku dalam jangka masa a few weeks nih. Kalau idak, ada yang sama ada kena karate physically or kena kaw-kaw dalam blog aku. Yelah, kalau badan dia besaq dari aku, giler ker nak karate? Besides, words are sharper than knife.

Kalau la guna words leh potong nenas, selamat tangan aku...

Speaking of knives, someone actually grind (asah dalam BI apa yer) all my knives. Waaa...dah la pisau aku tuh suker benor makan tuan nyer.

Still tension, still bad mood. Skang yang ceria skets, kawan aku janji nak bawak pegi makan, tapi kalau takder udang rimau, aku nak suh ganti udang galah. Kalau takder gaks, aku nak bagi kawan aku tuh to rimau Singapore. Bior rimau tuh pulak kata, shedappp...shedaapppp.

Anyway, ape jadik kat rimau tuh aa? Aku rasa mesti traumatize siut. Dah la kawan tuh biasa makan daging steak. Nih ter geget daging yang tak best, keras and kering. Kalau aku jadik rimau tuh, aku minta diorg antar aku ke pakar psychiatric. Kesian rimau tuh...harap2 diorg takder la salahkan menatang tuh and hukum dia by bunuh dia or letak dalam sangkar sepanjang hidup. Mana dia tau tak leh makan orang tuh?

Yer, aku kesian gaks ngan manusia yang kena baham tuh. But, every job ada risks and aku rasa sebagai manusia normal, aku tanak masuk dalam kandang rimau. Well, aku penah la disuruh duduk tangkap gambar sebelah so called Baby Lion (sebesar meja bulat besar siut). Masa tuh umoq aku 6 tahun, tapi masa tuh pun aku dah pandai...aku tanak duduk sebelah kepala dia. Giler ke apa? Maunya dia pusing ngap aku, selamba rock sebelah badan aku hilang. I'm young but never stupid.

Malas la pulak nak sambung bebel. Nak pegi jumpa kekasih hati aku dan tekan-tekan manja for white coffee. Jangan jeles..

Monday, December 01, 2008
  Mega Sales had started.

Spent yesterday jenjalan at KLCC and Jalan TAR.

Surprisingly, not too many people are shopping. At Sogo, the crowd is only
between 1/3 to half of the usual crowd.

I think everyone is feeling the economic pinch and slowing down on
spending money on unnecessary items.

So, spend money wisely...buy only the necessary items. Reduce whatever you
can, be it shopping for clothes, shoes (takkan nak sepasang kasut for
every baju), electricity (tutup la ekon bila dah sejuk), telephone bills
(for the so called in-love..do you really need to call and check the
whereabouts of your loved ones every hour? Kalau dia dah pandai menipu,
tak guna jugak kan).

Selamat bershopping to those that can afford it...to the rest, remember
that Rasullulah said sunat berpakaian bersih di pagi raya. Bersih does not
in any sense of the words means baru.

Have fun ;)



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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
Of trilobytes eternal in stone,
And seem to stare about in mild surprise
At changes greater than they have yet known.
- T.A. Conrad

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
- William Blake,
excerp from Auguries of Innocence.

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