Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am hot!!!

Well...yeah...that too....but what I actually meant is that my new place is quite warm, temperature wise.

Now, the temperature outside is arnd 34/36 C. Inside is only slightly less. Deng...dreaming abt buying a small fan. Hmmm.....can my dwindling budget covers it? Deng...

Anyway, the politics in Malaysia is also hot, being the UMNO elections next year (and I still could not see anyone with the potential to lead).

Not to say the financial of the whole wide world is going down the drain. Cool...dark drains...with waters all around......

There is a scientific research somewhere that when the temperature goes up, the violent crimes number also increases.

Is there a truth over this? I think so, coz right now, I am thinking of robbing that lady with the mini fan. So, should I ask her nicely to lend me her fan...or should I just bludgeon her with my Unicenter tome? Since the scientific community already accepted that the temperature increase do cause some problem with our brain, let me take out my Unicenter book...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends.

Let the Festival of Lights begin...

For the rest of my friends, have a nice holiday. Don't forget to come to work on Tuesday. ;)

I'm lazy today...stomach too full. Felt just like Garfield....sleepy.

Won't be moving arnd this weekend. Spent like there is no tomorrow for the Raya festival last month. Guess what, now is TOMORROW. Deng.

So, for my Indian friends....spend wisely. Do not follow my example. For the Malays that spend like me. Happy 'bear'ing. Bear=hibernate...get it?


Thursday, October 23, 2008
  Heavenly....Shangri La buffet?

Had lunch at Shangri La Putrajaya.

The international buffet was ok. There are a lot of food like japanese
(sashimi), western and malay varieties. Satay, fish, grilled beef,
rendang, steamed broccoli, sea prawn/crabs on ice, blah blah blah.

Well, I'm stuffed...mostly with items from the dessert table, cakes and
fruits. What can I say...I started the buffet with choc cake. ;)

However....overall, there is not one item that stuck in my mind. The
buffet was great, but not terrific. Well, you know what I mean.

The price is RM65++. Try it if you are fed-up with Cyberjaya or Putrajaya
daily chore...err....food.


Monday, October 20, 2008
  New place

My new seating place is in front of a window that overlooks BMW and the
new JPJ building.

The not so best part of my new place are :

1) My laptop's screen and my flat screen are facing the rest of the room.
2) My desk is beside my boss's.
3) There is a remote camera immediately behind my seat.

On the first issue, it reminded me of a previous colleague. He used to
have small mirrors taped to his desktop screen to check on whomsoever that
passed behind him. No, I would not put small mirrors, no point since I
believe that I do not transgress on company's policies.

On the second issue...nothing much. I have my eardrums stuffed as usual.
He can talk all he wants.

On the remote camera, it only means that I cannot surreptitiously rub my
tushies. Just hope that they don't have zoom capabilities....

Skang keja aku tersangat la technicalnyer. Sampai kekadang aku pun kagum.
Coz, aku rasa aku bukan la jenis yang techie ngat. Nak format PC pun aku
panggil kawan aku yang buatkan.

Anyway, ari nih first time aku tukar coding for MIB. Ye lah, bila aku nak
load, asik error routingMask. Apa lagik yang leh aku buat? Sorry la, ini
type of dinding api sangat la jahat, aku still tak leh nak monitor. Sabar
ajer la. Hopefully tarak corrupt. Kukuku.


Friday, October 17, 2008

This morning, the KL Tower and KLCC looks fairytale like...with the bottom half obscured by the mists leaving only the top portions peeking thru the clouds.

Hmmm...if only I'm a good photographer. ;)

Thank God today is Friday, have a nice weekend all.

As usual, mine will be hectic...well, not really. This ole bird have to take a bit of rests here and there. Burung kakak tua lah katakan.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
  Harga minyak turun, yey!

I was shocked when I went to fill up the tank this morning. Harga RM2.30??
Aku bermimpi ker?

Minyak turun lagik. Yey! Alhamdulillah. Walaupun takder la byk sgt tapi
aku tetap bersyukur.

Taken from Berita Harian ->

PUTRAJAYA: Kerajaan semalam mengumumkan penurunan kali ketiga harga runcit
petrol dan diesel antara 10 sen hingga 20 sen seliter, berkuat kuasa hari

Harga petrol RON97 dikurangkan 15 sen seliter daripada RM2.45 kepada
RM2.30, petrol RON92 turun 10 sen seliter daripada RM2.30 kepada RM2.20,
manakala diesel sebanyak 20 sen seliter daripada RM2.40 kepada RM2.20.

Tapi harga barang, tak turun2 pun. Ikut deficit US agaknyer.

Hmm..takder mojo la pulak ari nih....

Petang nih plak kena jumpa ngan kekasih gelapku. Memang itam pun.
Hopefully tak byk ragam cam yang lama. Preparation byk plak kena
buat...adeh. Kang aku bawak bantal, ramai la pulak bebudak nun tgk monitor.


Monday, October 13, 2008

An interesting article.

For guys :
How true is the article? Just be careful.

For ladies :
As i said a few times to my close friends and loved ones, remember Rukun Iman, Kepercayaan kepada Qada' dan Qadar (believe in God's written fate). Yes, we can change our fate if God is willing...but if it is not, then just don't simply lose faith. Rukun Iman tuh, kalau tetiba mati...dah confirm tak mati dalam iman...naya ajer.

Also, do you want your hubby to say 'I love you' and mean it...even very early in the morning and you had not even managed to wash your face? Or do you want him to feel trapped like a wounded rabbit whenever he saw your face? He might bolt with the newest office's secretary/receptionist/cleaning lady.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Gumbira kerana dapat bersama dengan kekasih hatiku...

Apa nak buat, bulan posa...tak manis kitorang berjumpa. Skang, ok lah skets. Hehehe. Sape pun tak leh nak larang. :P

Anyway, discovered a new coffee...well, discover is a bad misnomer. I already discovered that thing about 2 years ago. At the time, the only plush restaurant that is near to us is the Old Town Kopitiam. Last raya holidays, we managed to taste the pre-packed Old Town White Coffee.

Not bad...not bad at all.

Remember the Nescafe Regular 3 in 1 pre-pack? When you use 1 pack, it is just nice for 1 cup or the small cute Nescafe mug. And you need to add a bit of sugar when you use a regular mug...(well, that is what we do anyway). However, for the Old Town White Coffee pack, 1 pack is already nice for 1 mug. The coffee is sublime....don't believe me? Go and check out for yourself.

My loved one swears by the Old Town White Hazelnut Coffee. And *tut* is a tea drinker. Hehehe.

And so, I will meet with my sweetheart again.

Sapa la set skets sangat nih, skang aku terpaksa tekan my dearest 2 kali to get my usual amount of bliss. Deng.....

Monday, October 06, 2008

Just discovered this song. So sad, so moving...

Go here for the story :



Tested out the Seoul Garden at Basement@Plaza Gurney, Penang. Dia ada 2 outlet, one at the basement, another one kat tepi Pizza Hut kat luar nun.

Harga, about RM10 less than the Plaza Pantai. Since aku tak penah makan dinner kat sana outside from masa buka posa, so there might be some differences la.

Mainly yang aku perasan beza dari the Plaza Pantai:

1) Less choices - takder lamb black pepper, ikan patin curry, daging lembu black pepper and curry.
2) Ada banyak choices air - bottomless soda and juices.
3) With additional price, leh minta kimchi soup, tomyum or a few other choices for the main soup.
4) Ada kimchi sayur kobis panjang ajer.
5) Less choices on desserts, takder agar-agar pun.
6) Ayam potong reja-reja panjang, kalau kat Plaza Pantai, dia potong elok skets.
7) Ada chicken wings.

My loved ones suka ayam perap black pepper, ayam tomyam, sotong curry. Aku suka Chicken wings, kimchi (of coz), coleslow and the ice-creams.

My loved one sempat buat entertainment lagik...we call it Tarian Sotong dalam Kecemasan. Don't ask. ;P

Overall, aku ralat sebab takder byk choices on the perap-perap items since aku bragging to my loved ones abt the lamb black pepper and the various choices of kimchi. But, at least aku berjaya convert 2 of them to eat kimchi. Hehehe. Sedaaaappppppp.

So, any Winter Sonata vacation anyone?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Activities Raya Pertama :

Bangun pagi, mandi raya....makan. Mak aku cakap makan sedikit sebelum pegi semayang raya adalah sunat. Aku bantai 1 pinggan nasik. Kukuku.

Balek semayang raya, pegi kejap umah a kapel of jiran....makan....

Lepas tuh, sampai umah.....makan lagik 1 pinggan nasik sambil tgk Magikano.

Kacau kiri kanan, rehat jap (tido la tuh)...bangun kacau adik aku...sat g..nak makan.

Kah kah kah. Makan dan terus makan.

Hopefully, nak balek KL nanti, my transport leh panjat bukit nak bawak me and my stomach....kukuku.

Pst...ada hope nak turun lagik ke harga minyak? first time turun 15 sen, second time turun seposen....skali lagik, nanti turun 5 sen. hehehe.

Nak pegi mandi and nak tgk loved ones aku buat tarian Sotong Kena Chandat. ;)


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