Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deng. Where Datuk Ahmad had lived all these years?

Oh sorry, I his own world aka paradise.

Did he never ventured outside his palatial home? Go to the streets of Penang, menengok kaler apa rakyat-rakyat Penang?

Jangan la sebab kepentingan dan ego diri sendiri menyebabkan perbalahan orang Melayu dan Cina di Pulau Pinang pula.

Would he protect all his loyal supporters from the anger of Chinese mob? Knowing that he said that the ones that tear the Tsu Koon's picture is not from Bukit Bendera...showed that he is not the kind of leader that protect his followers. So, do we need to be loyal to him?

As the one that was brought up on there, I would say the communities in Bukit Bendera area lived harmoniously together.

Me, myself was brought up in a chinese community and I still remember our old neighbours that brought me kuih bakul, kuih kapet..and even the tebu (after she prayed to their God, of course). I liked to see the Chinese opera, I knew the 2 prominent God and Goddess in our area: Kuan Yin-the Goddess of Mercy & the black God of Hell. We used to jog in the jerat Cina (until they found a few snakes and frightened my mum with the tales). My sister's turtle was left at Kek Lok Si temple...hope it is still alive.

This guy, supposed to lead people, dared to stir the main issue of Chinese malcontents. Does he even knows what will he leased in Penang? Would he gives protection to the meagre number of Malays in Bukit Bendera if the Chinese rise against them? Do he even care since he lived behind a sturdy gate of iron and mortar?

Since he said that the supporter that tear the picture of Tsu Koon is not from his area...and most probably would not protect the poor emotional guy from any repercussions...I don't think he would honesty protect his followers if anything does happen.

Shish.....Macam nih punya leader pun ada ka.

Belajar la being humble skets....Rasullulah tak penah nak mengutuk bangsa lain pun, orang sayang jugak...orang hormat jugak.


Hi sis,
personally.. i blame the current PM, terlampau terbuka sampai org pijak kepala.
I miss the old days when Tun M was the PM, yes they said he was a dictator but a little dictator is good so that no one should openly talked about sensitive issue.
Started dgn Kit Siang dlm parlimen question hak istimewa org melayu, then Bar cousil dgn kureng ajarnya discuss pasal social contract dan peluk islam, now it's this guy ahmad.
apa ni? semua org cakap suka hati mak bapak diaorg apa nak cakap?
a little dictator is good, how it put people at peace. Tun M is still the best! My idol

By Blogger Pedang Bertuah, at 10:37 AM  

Betul..akak sokong 120%.

By Blogger Azrina, at 2:57 PM  

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