Monday, June 30, 2008

Malaysian Internation Dive Expo 2008 would be held next weekend (4-6 July) at PWTC from 10 am to 7 pm.

Come all....the pihak penganjur told us that there would be a pool in front of PWTC ( I really want to see this...hehehe). There will be more than 100 booths from hotels, resorts, dive institution, even the MARES would be there.

There will be seminars, talks, presentations, feature documentaries, demo, photography contest and even a children coloring competition...basically all the fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

For those that is looking to learn more about diving, you can come and get more information about this new craze. For those that is looking for gears, of course there will be booths that will sell competitive priced diving equipments. For those that wants to meet hot chicks and tanned will have to be there to check THAT out. ;)

For more info, dive in to the linx below :

So, don't miss it!! And now, to racun a few frens to attend....hehehe.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just wanted to remind my friends that I could not (well, actually barely able to) access either Friendster or Facebook anymore.

The gateway would only be available upon a blue moon or when i managed to lug my deng heavy laptop to the Starbucks (which I had not done for so many moons).

So poke and hugs to all.
'May the Force be with you' to my list of frens.
'Stand pretty' to a few.

To the Grizzly Bear, I already have the 'rings' ready. Hehehe. Bila nak pick-up?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Got this from my Alumni. Very good (in my opinion).

People might say only a few kuihs per meeting, what is the deal? I would
say, why don't they go and buy food like the other people? Yea, we are
grateful they they worked in the government and supposedly oiled the
engines for our living....but come on la. I was there, per meeting they
spend hundreds RM to feed not only the 10 people in the meeting, but the
whole department. Also, siap tapau lagik.

And some departments, even have the selective caterer/restaurants...which
of course charged insanely high.

Every little bit, counts. Like the Malay proverb, "Sedikit, sedikit...lama-
lama jadi bukit".

You walk the talk first

The Government wants us to change our lifestyles to cope with inflation. It
is easier said than done since most people were having it difficult even
before the hikes. The Government must first set an example by doing things
it should have done long ago.

WITH the recent hike in fuel prices and the Government's exhortations for
us to change our lifestyles in order to cope, may I provide here some
suggestions for the Government and those who work for it to "share our

1. Stop having meetings, especially out at resorts, far enough away to be
able to claim transport allowances . Have online meetings instead or
teleconferences. Use Skype or chat.

2. No need to order special pens, bags, T-shirts, notepads and other
goodies for those same meetings.

3. No need to order kuih for mid-morning or teatime meetings in government
offices, or nasi briyani lunches for those meetings that happen to end just
at lunchtime.

4. Cancel all trips for government servants to conferences overseas unless
they return with full reports of what they did there , who they met and
what they learnt and how they mean to apply what they learnt at home. Ask
them to do presentations to colleagues who did not get to go, on the most
interesting and important papers that they read.

5. Scrutinise invoices for contracts to make sure they are truly reflective
of what those projects or supplies cost .

6. Stop elaborate launches for government programmes. In particular, stop
the buying of souvenirs, special batik shirts, corsages, bouquets and caps.

7. Make all civil servants and politicians travel economy class. That means
really travelling at the back of the plane and not buying full fare economy
class tickets that allow them to be upgraded to Business Class.

8. Stop having the full complement of police escorts to cut down on petrol
costs. If they need to be somewhere by a certain time, start earlier like
the rest of us. Wouldn't be a bad thing for them to also experience a
traffic jam.

9. Once a week (or more), have ministers use public transport so they know
what everyone else has to suffer . This might provide them with the
incentive to improve them.

10. Once a week, let ministers go to a market to buy food for their
families with instructions to not spend more than RM100.

11. Get ministers to carpool . They might get more work done just by being
able to talk to each other to see what can be coordinated between their
ministries. For instance, the Ministers of Health and Women could discuss
what to do about women's health issues in the car on the way to work. Maybe
have a secretary to travel in the front seat to take down notes on what was
discussed. By the time they get to their offices, things can get

12. Once a month, get civil servants to work with one disadvantaged group
in order to be better able to appreciate their problems . It could be blind
people one month, hearing disabled people the next, orang asli the
following month and people living with HIV/AIDS after that.
We could start buddy systems which pair one civil servant with one
disadvantaged person and at the end of it, ask each pair to make
recommendations on how to make life better for each other. This might get
rid of the problem of desk jockeys, people who never stray very far from
their desks yet make policies for people they know nothing about.

13. Have PA systems that shout out the name of the officers who have to
serve people at government offices so that people get the services they
came for and don't have to keep coming back just because the officer was
out having coffee.
No counter should be left unmanned for more than five minutes before the
officer is paged to go back to their stations. This should cut down waiting
time for the public and save them transport costs in having to keep
returning just to get one thing done.

14. Government officers who lose people's files should be fined and have
their names publicised for being careless and causing inconvenience to the
public. Instead of making the public travel to their offices several times
to deal with their problems, they should travel to go see their client and
deal with it right there and then.
And every officer who goes out of the office should be given a reasonable
time to get his work done after which he is expected back in office so he
doesn't waste time doing something else.

15. And newspapers should save paper by reporting real news rather than
non-news that they carry, particularly nonsensical utterances by

As they say, we need to do this all together in order to make a difference.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks to my handsome friend, learned how to isi angin dalam tayar and checked my problem with the squeling break. Tho, he nearly went out the window when I do the U-turn. Opss....I did it again...hehehe.

Now, to infinity and beyond.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too much walking during Saturday and early Sunday......snapped/strained something in my right leg yesterday's morning. Stumbling, walking like a drunking lady, in pain and grimacing all the way, but arrived home with every parts of my anatomy intact.

So, resting and sleeping nearly whole day yesterday. Nak demam pun ada, but that bug was put on hold. Thanx to Actifast. Tho, if the doctor knows how many I put that drug in my body yesterday, memang kena marah aaaa.

Btw, managed to claim my oil rebate. Don't worry, that money will be put to good use. No spending unless necessary. ;)

This afternoon and night need to walk a lot lagi. Hope the legs tak give up again. Mesti dia pikir, aper la tuan dia, tak reti-reti nak duduk diam.

Cheers and have a fun Monday.......(yeah, rite)

Thursday, June 19, 2008
  New Raya Sales in Chiclady

The new Raya sales is already published at

Do come in and browse.

The Raya sales would be in effect starting today to until I leave for the
Raya holiday.

Sales would be given between RM2 to whatever percentage I think of. And I
am a very impulsive lady. ;)

I will add in more items over time.

Please review the Original Price (the RM in OP=RM??) That is the original
price of the items and would be reverted back after the sale.

So, don't miss it!!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On the personal notes :

Last weekend spend time with one of my loved ones. Discussion on the future planning. Hope will be rosy and no hassle lah. Aku malas nak buat menda yang nyusahkan nih.

Monday and Tuesday, forced to attend ITIL training. As most probably knows, I hate exams.

Today take the ITIL exam. Yiehoooo!! I passed!!!!

So, now I am ITIL certified. Kekekeke. Time to update my resume. Update ajer...just in case... :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rakyat Mesia mudah lupa??

Aku tgk kat hiway, makin byk keta speeding balek, especially those huge cars la.
Also, aku confuse, lampu signal tuh pakai minyak ker? Coz byk giler keta makin tanak bagi signal. Aku bukan psychic....psycho ajer. Mana guer tau dia nak terus or ke kiri? Apada...

To that wants to keep track of their expenses, can contact me. Aku ada excel file to keep monitor expenses. Of coz, it is created exclusively for my use, tapi you all leh modified as necessary. Tak yah nak beli buku nota or buy from low yat. Very simple and very free.

Sample as below, aku dah hide a few rows...panjang ngat.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Me feels like wanna hibernate during these troubled times.

For drivers that wanna optimize the fuel used, as below.

Aku pun drive 80-90 kmph ajer skang. Eh, lupa, memang aku bawak cam tuh since hiway aku takat 90 kmph pun. Hehehe. But, no jackrabbiting and melulu brek dah la. Also, mata makes sure that I don't go more than 2.5 rpm. Tuh a fren yang ajar, kalau dia silap, silap la gaks beta.

Ada plak kawan yang perli, marah nampak? Wuyoo...nih la kawan yang aku respect. Dia tak kisah harga minyak naik. Most of rakyat Mesia dah siap ajak aku pegi bomb umah PM (even tho aku duk keje kat sini, takder nyer aku tau mana rumah tuh)

Tapi, usually yang tak kisah, gaji is more RM4,000 la. Yang bawah-bawah nih yang sakit. Especially yang salary around RM2,000 and have a car. Yer lah, ingat pasir tuh sedap??

Hmmmphh...aku dah calculate, with the current trend, I have allocation of expenses makan, minum, groceries, fruit, car4...semua edibles and eatable (note: no such word)...around rm400 ajer. Deng!! Cam tak logic ajer. Kalau aku makan kat Sushi King, meaning 5 ari guer kena posa to recover.


p/s : To one of my loved ones....Pesanan pihak penaja for the coming weekend, nak Nandos. Keh keh keh.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Paper today, Utusan :

PULAU PINANG 8 Jun - Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad menyifatkan cadangan untuk memotong elaun yang dinikmati oleh menteri adalah tidak rasional.

Sepatutnya, kata beliau, cadangan untuk menjimatkan wang kerajaan perlu difokuskan kepada aspek rasional dan bukan disebabkan oleh perasaan marah kepada menteri.

''Kalau potong elaun menteri-menteri, tidak sampai RM1 bilion pun. Kalau elaun menteri sampai berbilion, saya rasa ada kesan.

''Jangan buat sesuatu kerana kita marah. Kita fokus pada yang rasional. Kalau buat cadangan yang rasional pun, baru ada kesannya tapi bukan sebab rasa geram dengan menteri," katanya ketika ditemui di sini hari ini.

Beliau mengulas cadangan Dewan Pemuda Pas supaya elaun yang dinikmati menteri dipotong sebagai salah satu langkah penjimatan wang kerajaan.

Ketuanya, Salahuddin Ayub berkata, berikutan peningkatan harga barang keperluan kini, langkah berjimat cermat sepatutnya tidak hanya diamalkan rakyat tetapi turut diikuti pemimpin kerajaan.

Everything that we can save, we save la. Be it hatta RM1 skalipun. Takkan la sebab menda kecik, kita leh spend sesuka hati. Sedikit sedikit, lama lama jadik bukit.

Kalau Pak Menteri tanak turunkan perbelanjaan diri sendiri, naper plak rakyat yang kena bertanggungjawab? Tunjuk la teladan...reduce your spending, berkorban untuk rakyat. Tunjuk yang kita sama2 suffer, barulah rakyat leh tenang menghadapi cabaran nih. Jgn asik nak menangkan diri sendiri while rakyat menderita.

First of all, buang the subsidized oil for the Pak Menteri. Kurangkan the motorcade to only 2 motorcycles, satu kat depan, satu kat belakang. Use the Honda Cup instead of the oil guzzler skang nih.

Hmmphh..a lot of people are saying things without thinking...while a lot more are honestly slowly burning. Aku harap tadak demonstrasi berdarah ajer cam kat Indonesia. Kesabaran manusia ada batasnya, especially kalau asik tgk anak menangis lapar. Malaysians are very tolerant, but do keep in mind what is happening in Indonesia and Phillipine. We are from the same roots....


Pak Menteri cakap harga gas takkan dinaikkan sampai Mac tawun depan. Leh percaya ker? Ntah la, but in US, harga minyak makin naik.;_ylt=Aqa7hb3BDY0Cbuxuj5oot.lv24cA

So, based on these, harga minyak takkan turun anytime soon la.


Story on domestic, last weekend tak jadi buat fud fest. My hausmate takder, so buat menda tak senonoh ajer la. :)

Saw Om Shanti Om. The hero is SRK and the heroin is a newcomer, Deepika Padukone. The lady is lawa siut and the body is to die for (penah menang swinsuit award...), rumored going to tie the knot with Ranbir Kapoor. Korang tau la, hot girls are usually ensnared by the Kapoor clan.

Arjun Rampal (snicker) is the bad there is a lot of eyecandy and mouthcandy.

The most interesting abt the movie, is that it uses the same technique as in Forrest Gump. The hero (and the heroin) interacts with bygone (some still alive, but barely) heroes and heroines. Damn interesting and very nice. Very realistic too. You can see the heroine is stroking the arm of the bygone hero, and the fabric moved...but you can't see how they stitched the movie together.

Also, during the award scene, I was laughing tergolek like a lizard jatuh dari siling. Very kelakar and those actors and actresses are very convincing. Dhoom 5 without Bachan? Kah kah kah. And don't forget the award's party later, the cameo from dozens of actors and actresses....Salute to Bollywood on this new (last year la) and interesting movie.

Nak tau citer dier? Korang google la sendiri.

Dalam paler otak, Duit...duit....di mana kau duit.....duit...duit.....

Friday, June 06, 2008

Semalam aku balek, banyak keta-keta besar and mahal bawak dalam 80 to 90 kmph. Akhirnya aku yang potong diorang. Hehehehe.

Due to the oil price increase, our local tourism and shopping malls would be affected. I had talked to my frens, a lot of them will be cutting back on trips and shopping spree. Would it affect our economy? I honestly think so.

Then, aku baca paper today, the ban on the foreigner's to fill up tank is lifted.

Whaaattt!!! Masa diorg nak buat the ban, cakap tanak bagi foreigners untung ngan duit rakyat Mesia. Kita rugi and diorang yang untung. Bla bla bla, yadda yadda yadda. And ramai rakyat Mesia yang bersetuju. Ierlah duit kita, buat apa nak bagi kat orang??

And now u lifted it??!!! What the f**k??!!

Ok, let me calculate, katalah satu keta pump in 20 liter. Gomen nyer subsidi (our f*****g money) is 30 sen. 20 x 0.3=RM6 per car.

All knows these foreigners akan isi penuh and it would be more than 20 liters.

But let us remains at RM6 percar. What I do know is these cars are queing like there is no tomorrow at our petrol station.

Katalah perhour ada 20 cars in one station. Meaning perhour per station dah RM120. In truth, of course la more than 20 cars per hour and we have more than 1 station kat area less than 50 km from the borders.

Paling bodoh, katalah ada 5 station affected, 5xRM120 per hour dah RM600.

Those are moneys that should be used internally!!

Kiralah sendiri berapa banyak station petrol and berapa banyak actual cars yang amik minyak and our subsidi???!!??

Aper nih? Cakap tanak bagi rakyat luar, tapi ban takat 1-2 hari, then reverse untuk menyusahkan rakyat Mesia balek. Aper kata pegi and interview rakyat Mesia pasal the lifted ban? Rasa-rasa diorang setuju tak?

Somehow, I see lately that our government do give a lot of benefits to orang luar dan rakyat Mesia di anak tirikan. Contoh? Bowing down to Singapore on the issue of Jambatan Bengkok and now the lifted ban on the oil. Jangan kira la pasal the rest.

Hmmphhh...and these would not happen in the reign of Tun Mahadhir, won't you agree?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pak Menteri said that there will not be any limpahan harga to the other things.

May I know where he shops and eat? Since I know that there will be limpahan harga to the shops that I use.

What, tak percaya? Every time harga minyak naik, sama ada harga sekeping roti canai naik seposen, or diameter dia mengecik. Kamon la...dah berkali-kali jadik. Hmm....tol?? Give them a few weeks/months...sure thing la.

Anyway, have to do a lot of changes to my lifestyle to accomodate the new development (minyak dah naik...minyak dah naikkkk)

The first to go, my allocation per month for books..kena kecikkan skets....rm50 only? Tuh just a book per month. Waaaaa..... :(

Then, reduce my 'groceries' shopping at carrefour.

Aper lagik aaa??? Tuh ajer la expenses aku.


Nih bukan tahap pecah rumah, nih tahap kena rompak bank dah nih. :(

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

18 SG, mengandungi bahasa kesat dan kasar. So, bebudak kecik, jangan baca this post.

Tempat duduk belakang semua kena pakai seat belt. Aku dah check, at my car ada 2 seat belt ajer. So, meaning just 2 orang ajer la leh duduk kat belakang. Hmmphh...I believe, give 'em a couple of years, then some brainy people in the government will come up with extra 'safety' campaign, where in a common car, only 4 people can naik. Of coz, that will be after the unveiling of our own national 'family car'. Nicknamed Gajah...hopefully with 7-9 seaters. Gajah nih akan melanyak all the Kenari, Kelisa, Kancil, Rusa and all the menatang-menatang di Malaya nih.

Harga minyak akan naik. What do you expect? Tuh pun dah kira lama since they want to upped the price before mengundi. Dah tunggu lama giler nih, ngan all the issues that comes with the BN kalah, all the people asking Pak Lah to step down, 5 states jatuh ke tangan pembangkang, etc (all of coz are politically related).

Dah announced no ceiling price for minyak. Deng. So no subsidized petrol or diesel except you are poor. Except those fisherman that uses diesel for their boat, takkan the rest nak bawak slip gaji whenever nak fill up ur car tank? What constitutes 'poor'? Tangga gaji, pendapatan sebulan, berapa banyak anak satu-satu famili ada? By the way, kalau dah poor, camna leh beli keta? Pikir-pikir kan laaaa.

Yang sronoknya, berita TV3 dua malam citer bercelaru.

Isnin malam, ngan suara yang sedih, diorg cakap gomen subsidized sampai nearly RM2 per liter petrol. Kalau aku calculate betul, with the current RM1.92 that we have to pay, meaning per liter harga dekat RM4. Kesian gomen.

Then semalam nyer berita plak, one of the economist bagik calculation, kalau based on the current per barrel world oil price, agak-agak per liter will be RM3. Aik?? And that's not even half of the calculations that they screwed up! The economist informed that based on the current price, RM1.92 per liter which was reviewed last year, at that time, the government was subsidizing around 30-40 cents per liter. Since the price had gone up since then, so the subsidized had gone up to nearly RM1.

Hmmphh...Aiya, ingat maths aku masa kecik ajer fail. Nih lagik fail!!

See, that is one of the reason why they change the petrol and diesel price AFTER the elections. Same source, one tv channel, two different stories. With that kind of news within 24 hrs, you think the stupid rakyat will elect the same government? Ok, might be the newsmen got confused, tapi bukan ker source diorang sama ajer? The gomen gaks.

Ada plak si mangkuk hayun suruh pakai public transport, tapi public transport f***ed up giler. Sila2 la try pegi naik komuter masa peak hours. Ngan lambatnyer, ngan sesaknyer. Naper aku tak penah tgk pun Pak-pak Menteri naik menda tuh? Diorg leh la cakap, ngan setiap kali nak pegi toilet pun penuh jalan ngan motorcade, siap siren lagik suh orang ke tepi. Cuba sesekali try naik public transport masa peak hours. Korang yang endorse kan, apa salah kalau korang sendiri pakai? Also, kurang sikit minyak yang the whole motorcade tuh pakai just sebab korangnyer aide nak pegi kedai Makcik Joyah beli nasik lemak.

Eh, someone told me Pak Menteri dapat minyak free. Ye ker???

Also, aku nak tengok sangat kot Armani and kasut shining dari Itali tuh kena lanyak.

Memang la, kalau tgk dalam FHM last month, our countries do have one of the lowest priced petrol/diesel. Tapi ingat, our salary pun kecik. Plus, public transport system cam sial. We don't have f***ing choice!!

Gaji haram tak naik, kampeni pun byk merging/acquired/gulung what are decent citizens to do? Nak buat demonstrasi, kena tangkap, nak tulis lebih-lebih dalam blog, pun kena tangkap. Yang aku tengok tadak orang kena tangkap, are those people yang menyamun, mencuri dan merompak. So, aper lagik, moh la kawe.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Well, blame it on the kenduri yesterday.

Now, I have a hankering for masak lemak nangka muda. to get some mangsa. To racun for them to leave their diet on this coming Saturday.

Terbayang dalam kepala otak dah.

Menu Utama :
1) Masak lemak nangka muda with udang of coz.
2) Ikan masin.
3) Sambal belacan. My own specialty. Tho, dah lama aku tak buat, bukan apa...bahaya..asik termakan 2 pinggan nasik ajer.
4) Any kind of ulam berdaun.
5) Telur dadar.
6) Hmmm..might be agar2. Kalau aku buat bubur kacang ijau, konpem lagik bahaya. Bubur jagung pun sedap...Argh tidak. Let me stick to the innocent agar2 without any additional santan or susu.
7) Air Sunkist+Lemon. Lurv it!

Let's stick to the menu ala kampung, however will try to make it makanan seimbang.

Due to my current budget constraint, dare I say, all shld be within RM20?

Kalau udang too xpensive, tukar ajer to ikan bilis. Hehehe. What to say, I am after all the chef.

Now, to get some mangsa..... >:)

Kak Nizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................


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