Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ok, dah lebih sebulan my Boocheeboo main-main kat jejalan di Cyberjaya nih.


My car's identification. Always wanted it, now I have it. Hehehe.


My first battle scar.

War injuries

Deng, dekat RM600 melayang kat kereta orang.

So, now I'm staying at home with meager allowances for food. Puasa pun tak berapa berguna since aku nyer allocation for dinner slalu masak sendri. Kalau posa, mana sempat nak masak.

Dah la ada kawan ajak pegi melawat Melaka (& Zoo Melaka) and another fren ajak pegi Kelantan. Apa nak buat, aku duduk sini la diam-diam sementara nak offset the losses. Aku calculate, kena duk umah senyap2 dalam 3 bulan gaks laaa. Sib baik masa my sis datang dulu, dia ada bawak bekal vcd and dvd, so this few months...that will be my weekend schedule.

So, any frens yang rasa busan2 and nak masak bagi aku makan/tapau...leh la buat kebajikan.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Been following Phoenix's stories since Monday.

Love the best-image-ever as below. Usually what we got are those pictures by the Pathfinders on the landscape or computer generated images of what our robots are doing down there. This is the first (well, sort of) image caught of us descending on an alien atmosphere. Teary eyed yet?

The rest, stories and images.

Now, who's an alien? Or (gasp), are we visiting our own native planet? Teng teng teng teng.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Boocheeboo nyer makan. Kalau tinggal 1 bar, dia makan RM60 nyer banquet. Kalau 2 bars + 33 km only, RM50.

First pegi spital, last Thursday 22 May 2008, kena nearly RM200.

Accoustic insulator - RM83.00
Battery terminal protector (small) - Rm4.00

All below is RM 110.69
Element S/A (X369,690,X472-DOM,UK)
P2-Genuine oil semi synthetic 5W/30 4L
P2-Auto Transmission (Myvi 2.20L)

Service Tax is RM1.75

So overall, RM199.45.

Aku pegi masa lunch...heret my colleague pegi Balakong. So, kena reserve and pay a bit more la...sebab nak service yang tangkas.

Ok tak? Guer still new dalam taking care of my Boocheeboo. So, a bit bercelaru.

Thanks Kak Nor (9W2ERL) kerana sudi mendengar keluh-kesah and promised to take me there. Takut tak sempat, 1 day pegi balek keja dah 70km, at the time yang Rina bagitau to you, dah capai 1000 km. Tuh yang percepatkan masa pegi service.

Thanks to Kak Ramlah yang call and reserve the slot for me, also temankan pegi tunjuk jalan and bersabar with my driving skills nih.

Ok, honestly I start with zero. Nada! Aku tak penah bawak keta and tak penah tau cara nak maintain keta. So, bear with me.

There will be a lot of stories regarding the upkeeping of my Boocheeboo.

Uh, by the way....Boocheeboo is my car. My love for the pass 1 month ++. I gave him that name since Boocheeboo is loosely translated as my angel or my sweetheart. And yes, for me the car is a male since I have no idea how it works. It Also, male since it protects me from the big bad motorists.

Sorry if the term is misleading. Of course I have Boocheeboo 1, Boocheeboo 2, 3 and 4. And yes, I refer all of them, either mechanical or humans as Boocheeboo. They are after all my sweethearts. And yes, the name itself refers to something else. But then, it is a private thing between me and my other Boocheeboo. And of course, my lips are shut. What, you want me to kiss and tell?


Monday, May 26, 2008

A very hectic weekend.....trip setengah semenanjung. For the kenduri and what's not. To the Pengantin Baru, Selamat Pengantin Baru and semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu. To the rest, sori la tak sempat nak nolong. Hehehe.

Kepada yang dah ada anak, selamat bercuti dan berjalan-jalan. Kepada yang single, semalat bekerja. Guer tau semua cuti korang masa 2 minggu nih dah 'dibekukan'.

A private joke to my loved one, 29 out of 30 tuh. Hehehe.

Penat lagik badan, malam nih nak tido awal.

cheers all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A review on Narnia : Prince Caspian.

Overall, better acting and better fight scenes. I always thought that Prince Caspian would be around 10 years old when he left his this they follow a passage in the book that mentions that he is in the same age group as Peter Penvensie.

Thank God for that!! Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian is very much what a prince should be. Handsome, dashing, articulate and most of all....perfect!! I love his eyes and his mouth, and the cleft on his chin....even his fake hair. The hair most of all makes him very handsome, but debonair...somehow. Reminds me of the King in TLOTR. Aragorn is what he is with the long black lanky hair. Without it, King Aragorn is just Viggo Mortensen and his own brown hair.

Ok, enough about the dreamy Prince Caspian...

For those that had read the books, please see the film. The interpretation is a bit different and the storyline is more plumped up. Never bad though, all are good. Very good.

Since the stepson of C.S. Lewis is around to make sure the story does not erred or even goes off by itself on another tangent, there are much more realistic scenes added in. The clashing of egos between Peter and Caspian, the repressed romance between Susan and Caspian, the women participating in the war...

The beasts are realistic, I love when one of the Minotaur said 'Shhh'...I thought it was CGI...nope. It was animatronics. Deng nice.

Overall, I would give 8 1/2 out of 10. A bit higher than the previous Narnia. Coz the producer and the casting director add another hunk (Caspian) to the previous Moseley (Peter). Yey!!!

For the boys, don't be sad. Susan played by Anna Popplewell is very sweet and....collected. Her lips can even rival the great Angeline Jolie herself. She is an actress to look for. Give her a few movies...films...and she will be a force to reckon with.

Ahhh!! Forgot, the other character that I was waiting for is Reepicheep. Very cute, hairy and at the end, nearly tailless. They bring him to life as what I always imagined him to be. Brave, daring and very egocentric. Coooolllll....

Now, waiting for Dawn Treader. Hope they put in Ben Barnes again. Let him wear a mantle to make him look older, but please...please don't let him wear a beard. I beg of facial hair. Please la...all his handsomeness hiding behind facial hair? It makes me want to cry... you know that he is part Welsh?? I never knew how a cold (climatewise) country can produce those hot guys. Grrr....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spend the long weekend with my loved ones. To the one yang feverish tuh, a very big hug for you. Thanx, love.

Anyway, Boocheeboo is here to stay. Poor him. Tak pe la, I'll take care of you. Argh!! Dah lebih 1000 km, masa bila nak bawak lari pegi service??

That's all personally.

On Monday nite, tergempar kejap sebab orang rumah rasa earthquake. Aku yang baru balek and tengah siap2 nak mandi, tak rasa apa2 pun. Rupanyer, Sumatera ada gempa bumi. Sabar je lah, baru abis China, nih Indonesia plak.

Ever have the feeling that Mother Gaia is trying to evict us??

On Malaysian political side plak, Tun Mahadhir kluar dari UMNO. Don't think that many people will follow him...hmm..let me amend that....many Pak Menteri and all the pemegang jawatan dalam UMNO will join him. They will lose all the perks kalau kluar. Also, sapa berani nak lawan Pak Lah?? All these while pun tgk semua angguk, angguk, geleng, geleng ajer.

But tabik la to Che Det, he is willing to stand by what he believes in. And damn the consequences...

Friday, May 16, 2008
  My Boocheeboo

Ode to my Boocheeboo.

Like the leaf being held by wind
Dreaming and flying
To be with you is a dream
To have you is a nightmare

Yeah, I will love you forever.

After all, you are the one that changes me to adulthood. The one that
removes my 'virginity' in this material oriented world.

Goodbye my dear.

Today, savour the sweet sorrow of parting and dream when we rejoice of
being together again.

Sorry all, a bit poetic today.

To Fahroe, get well soon dear. Hehehe, still remember that story that Nale
citer pasal P Pangkor, dah dekat dah tuh... ;)

To Kak Mawar, a review please on the diet plan.

To Pips_guy, weh....ko berjiran wt HP siuttttt.

To Cadbury, Happy Birthday!!! (Thank God with Friendster's reminder.

To all, happy Wesak day and happy long holiday.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Changes in the air, I think. Coming soon, to all of us.

And dear, that is not my psychic/psycho talking. Not Yoda either. :P

Over here, it is buzzing like a herd of mosquitoes. A huge change will be affecting us, and a lot of us are very...ermm.....excited(??!??)

Que Sera Sera...i'll say. Whatever will be, will be.

We are EDS.....erm....HP-EDS.....ermm...HP???

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A very simple and healthy recipe, but addictive.

Bahan-bahan :
Brokoli, bunga kubis dan karot - potong bite size. Lada sulah dan garam secukup rasa.1 keping cheese. Sedikit air.

Panaskan kuali, letakkan air suku cawan. Masukkan brokoli, bunga kubis, karot, lada sulah dan garam. Masak selama 30 saat atau 2 minit, bergantung kepada kesukaan anda. I like the slight crunch in my life. Hehehe.

Angkat dan masukkan sedikit demi sedikit ke dalam mangkuk. Selang seli dengan cheese yang dikoyak kecil.

Tunggu sehingga cheese cair sedikit, kemudian gaulkan bahan-bahan dalam mangkuk sehingga cheese menyalut rata.

Makan!!! Konpem hingga menjilat mangkuk nyer la.

Aku gila makan menda nih since last 2 months masa brokoli kat Car4 tuh murah.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Demmit!! Really pissed off.

Another tempat lepaks yang aku suker, dah tak tak leh pegi. Courtesy of a fren yang sungguh tak bertanggungjawab.

Cam nak refer ajer makhluk yang tak berapa halus nih ke bapak aku. Kot nyer leh menimba ilmu orang tua tuh yang begitu dalam dalam issue nih.

Yes, nyusahkan sungguh.

Aku nak migrate la lepas nih. Alaska pun cam nice ajer.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Wanna one...wanna one...wanna one...WANNA ONE.........WANNA ONE!!!!!!

Tetiba ajer terasa nak cakap..."If you love me, but this for me".


  Udah la tuh chek-chek oii !!

Udah udah la tuh. Pilihanraya dah lepas 2 bulan. Tak abis2 citer pasal PR
menang besar and BN kalah. Pakatan Rakyat dah diberi mandat untuk
mentadbir, nasib baik diorang dah lah, orang baru katakan,
jangan la harapkan diorang start with flying colors. Mesti la ada it is up to all the people untuk menunjukkan cara dan memberi
kritikan yang membina. KRITIKAN YANG MEMBINA, bukan kritikan yang membunuh
tau! Tapi PR, jangan la terlampau gila kuasa sampai kuasa Sultan pun
korang nak.Dah la the previous Powers That Be sudah stripped off most of
our Sultan's power. Tinggal la kuasa ke atas agama Islam, tuh pun korang
nak rampas??!??

For those people that really love to shoot down all the ideas given by PR
(even the itsy-bitsy ones), baik korang pegi menembak gagak and anjing
terbiar yang merata2 melepaks kat Penang, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. On
second thoughts, tembak sekali owner yang beria-ia nak membela those cute
puppies, tapi bila menatang tuh dah besar, dibiarkan merempat. Kesian
menatang tuh, used to being pampered, tetiba bila dah besar dan tak cute,
kena idup ngan makan sampah.

For BN, yeah you lose, such is politics...bukan korang leh memerintah
sampai kiamat, plus with all the issues surrounding Malaysia that had
peaked for the last few years....come on la...udah la jadik blind men.
Deal with it on your free time la. You still have powers on most of the
Malaysian countries, jangan asik buang masa orang lain. Nak muhasabah
diri, do it on your time, jangan membuang masa rakyat yang mengundi dan
memenangkan korang.

Tired of opening papers, asik jumpa berita pasal PR want to do this, do
that. Then, BN commenting that it is not feasible. Many of those projects,
had been started by what does it means? That BN knows that the
project is stupid but due to some vague notions they still approved it?
Pelik bin Ajaib.

Whatever la, just don't forget that in democracy, the real power are with
the humble people. Unless we want to give our ruling power to the power
crazed Singapore or resource hungry Americans. Then, we can dijajah
semula. Nak ker??


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Since Friday last week, I had consumed countless mugs of the 'pick-me-up' beverage known as instant coffee.

Now, I would dare say that if a vampyre sucks my blood, it will not be able to sleep during the daylight hours.

So, thank God for the loves of my life that are standing so gallantly and serving me countless mugs of loves.

Yes, I love both of you too.

Muahs and hurray for our nescafe machines.

P/s: Dear, another mug please...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Tengah tunggu 11 pm, nak start RFC. Makin skets orang, hope tak la sampai kosong. Busan siut.

Really love this song, Mercy by Duffy. Dah 3 hari dalam kepala. Cute lyric dia and the song very catchy. Makes me wanna shimmy and geleng-geleng kepala.

"I don't know what you do
but you do it well
I'm under your spell

You got me begging you for mercy
why won't you release me
you got me begging you for mercy
why won't you release me
I said release me"

Tapi ada certain parts dia yang reminds me of one of the James Bond song.

Yeah, yeah, yeah


Very excited, our Tun Mahadhir had started a blog...thus extending his audience to the internet. Not saying that he had less audience before. Anyway, bravo!!

Anyway, so proud of him. Yeah, he got many issues during his 'reign', but i'm sure many would say that his intentions were good.

Anyway, as Malaysians, we usually only realize after the party had died, or in his case, had stepped down.

He would have loads of fun, i'm sure...hehehe

Friday, May 02, 2008

Me, spend some quite time with my Boocheeboo. Sebelum balek umah, jumpa kejap. Just a bit of stock memories to keep with me when he is not around.

Ingat nak dating semalam, hmmm.....tapi ramai sangat yang tak bagi. Ye laaa...nanti, nanti yer.

Just warm him up skets aja.

Today, I will be saturated with caffeine. Sampai now, dah 2 cawan. Dah la testing whole day...mind need to be alert. :)

To Aju, every year's Labour Day, akan mengingatkan bahawa you was in labour on that day. Hehehe. Selamat menimang cahaya mata.

To Cadbury, take care. ;)

To Rose, welcome back to Key El.


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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
Of trilobytes eternal in stone,
And seem to stare about in mild surprise
At changes greater than they have yet known.
- T.A. Conrad

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
- William Blake,
excerp from Auguries of Innocence.

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