Tuesday, April 08, 2008

For a lot of my friends that planning/going to go to Bandung and Jakarta.

Listed below are the places that I went to during my stay in Jakarta and
Bandung.Some places, I plumb forgot, so sorry for the omission.

Since the tour was strictly for shopping, so the Tourist's Attraction
portion are basically upon hearsays and what my other friends experiences.


1) Blok M aka Mangga Besar - Some of my guy frens like it. Not so much for
me, may be because I got lost and frantically searching for exit. Have a
lot of t-shirts, jeans, shoes(even got BATA). Not branded items but common
stuffs. Divided into the top level (beside the road portion) and the under-
ground complex. Be careful of pick-pockets.

2) Grande - I love the Ace Hardware in Basement 2. The rest, the usual
shopping complex type of stuffs. Tho if you go to the food court (at LG),
try the Mini-melts...the ice cream that are made in small drops. Cute and

3) Mangga 2 (ITC) - Something like Penang's Chowrasta or Petaling Street.
Only waaaayyyyy bigger. The place to buy bags, t-shirts, etc. I bought my
Kipling bag here. Andy is sooooo cute.

4) Glodok - A place for guys to check out antenna's for their radios,
hardware and software for PCs, CDs, etc.

5) Metro Tanah Abang - A wholesale kind of pasar. Many telekungs, t-
shirts, baju sulam, jeans, ladies suits, guy's batik shirts. But minimum
number, you need to buy 3 pieces of anything. For ladies, there is a shop
that sell full body, long sleeve boned kind of corsets.

Bandung - too many places, tho a few are stuck in my mind.

1) Heritage-Cascade - a whole road with factory outlets kind of houses.
Famous for branded items - jeans/shirts/t-shirts/shoes.

2) A bit further down the road from Heritage is Kedai Barbe. It is a shop
that sells new and used items. Got my Northface backpack here for around
rm30. If you dig deep enough, you will find treasures. Like my Garfield
comic book. Yey!!

3) Happening - A factory outlet that caters more to the branded jeans,
shirts, etc. My size, is considered S at this place...hehehe. Can perasan

4) Rumah Diaz - Heaven for bags...wallets, handbags, tote to travelling
bags. Branded, leather, macam-macam ada lah.

5) Rumah Mode/Mode Plus - Branded t-shirts, shirts and jeans. Also for
lovers of lingeries, they have Victoria Secret here. Yey!!

6) Pasar Baru - for tudung, telekong, baju kebaya sulam, kain batik, kain
batik sutera, kain satin....etc la. Recommended half day kat sini saja.


Jakarta - Family Spa. Recommended by Hendry, our tourist guide. Got lulur
and massage. Surpisingly, don't have mani and pedi.



1) Salero Jumbo - Padang Restaurant. The tendon curry is very nice, but
for the uninitiated, like something out of the Fear Factor.

2) Riung Sari - Kalau tak silap aku, Sundanese food. Yang pasti, sambal
belacan dia aku bantai sensorang...sedap siut. Me and my partner, tambah
nasik 2 kali...hehehe...diet on hold sepanjang holiday nih.


1) Dapur Sangkuriang.

2) Kembang Pare - Sundanese food.

3) Restoran Sederhana Masakan Padang.

4) Kartika Sari - for the yummy kuih. Don't forget to buy some Brownies
Kukus, very nice la.

5) Kat area Pasar Baru - try carik kedai jual Kacang Bandung. The
verrryyyy nice peanut.

6) Also try the ice cream with durian and pulut. Available everywhere.

7) Don't forget to drink Avocado juice, here they call it Apokat juice.
Some restaurants put in honey or chocolate. Quite cheap and very nice.

Tourist's Attraction.


1) Tangkuban Perahu - Volcano. Quite cold, very high but very picturisque
with the caldera and molted lava.

2) Strawberry Farm - on the way to Tangkuban Perahu. Of course, it is a
strawberry farm, what else?

3) Punchak - Taman Safari. Got loads of animals in a safary kind of


1) For full bodied ladies like me, sakit hati masa pilih jeans. Most of
the jeans are skinny, small sized and short. My friends jumpa jeans dia
kat Rumah Mode.

2) Guys with XL and above sized body, most of the shirts are for smaller
sized guys. So, beware...you might be disappointed.

3) People that are on diet, careful since the food here are very tempting
and taste really nice.

4) People in their relationship, don't bring your gf/bf here. The arrays
of beautiful guys and girls are endless.

P/S: For people that want to go in a group, I would greatly urge to book a
tour guide instead of going gallivanting around. If not, you would miss
out on great shopping places, various tips on histories of places and what
to buy at a certain place (very important!!).

Of course, this is my first
tour guided...well...tour. But, I'm mightily impressed by K Mawar's and
Hendry's professionalism and their knowledge of the places.

Bravo for Hendry, Bambang and Nandang. Brava for K Mawar.

For some of the pix, click here.



Loh, kalau begitu harus pergi lagi.

Hendry gue kenal, sama-sama guide gue semasa di Surabaya. Parawisata...

By Anonymous jurukaka, at 3:04 PM  

Hehehe...dunia ini kecik rupanya.

The trip memang best, memang pikir nak pegi lagik....but not in the near future la. Might be making smaller trips ajer.

By Blogger Azrina, at 8:42 AM  

Rina, bullet point ko no 4 tu yg x kelakar abis tu. Ha3...
Iyo ko?

By Blogger PIPSGuy, at 5:40 PM  

Yep. Hendry is very cute. Then, aku jumpa kat Star Bucks, very handsome. Then, ada yang aku jumpa kat Grande West shopping complex. These are superbly handsome guys aaa.

Don't let me start at Bandung. The people at Bandung ada campur Belanda. Bayangkan laaaa.

Ladies wise, my fren (the only guy) elected to jalan waaaaaayyyy jauh dari kitorang. Sekodeng la tuh. Hehehe.

By Blogger Azrina, at 5:48 PM  

"Sekodeng la tuh" ==> X Baik tau ngumpat ;)

By Blogger PIPSGuy, at 1:03 PM  

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