Monday, April 14, 2008

Me, my mum and Hanum was on the ground level. Hanim was somewhere in an underground complex not far from us.....trying to get to us. We had already got the tsunami alert and everyone were trying to decide where to go for safety. I was trying endlessly to get Hanim on the phone to direct her to our place. Of course the line was jammed and only sometimes I can get her update.

The wave is coming and everyone were panicking. We had delayed our ascend to higher levels, waiting for Hanim. I was on the phone, shouting to give her an update on where to found us.

Me, "Hanim, kitorang kat flat yang sebelah tpt K anim penah pegi makan tuh" (Hanim, we are on the flat beside the place that you had previously gone to eat).

She was confirming where she was (on some stairs, fighting against some people that were trying to go to the ground level too)...when the phone went ominously silent. I tried to call her but to no avail.

Meanwhile, mum and Hanum had managed to get into the flat beside us. I was still wandering beside the building, trying to call Hanim and crying while doing it.

Then, mum said, "Hanim dah mati, dengan sakit dia..." (Hanim is dead, with her her conditions...)

I do understand. It is a miracle that she was still fighting to come to us. She had asthma, quite bad and with all these people around her, it is a miracle that she was still fighting to come to us. I could not move, my finders automatically dialing her phone....suddenly, I got a ring tone and someone answers her phone. But the sound is so small, I did not hear anything.

I shouted, giving her directions on where we are going. Wishing, hoping that it is her. That she is well.

Hanum shouted to me that we need to go up. I started to move towards my mum and Hanum.

Suddenly, I recognized the flat as the one that we lived in. I know the location of the stairs.

Our aim is to get to the highest level...then, we might be safe. We have to abandon Hanim, to save mum and Hanum. But, with the last transmission, I hope she can follow safety. We had some time left.

Everyone is panicking, and the wave is coming...

Then, I woke up. Trembling. I could not sleep again until this morning.

Ok, no more Discovery channel. I was watching The Super Comet last night before going to sleep. I remembered having this kind of nightmares before. But, none are as vivid as this one.

I'm still shaking. My mood would be affected for at least a few days. All the pain of the decision to leave, and not knowing.

Dear God, if these calamity to befall humans, let it be not in my lifetime.



whoa! heroin mana leh mati mcm tue jek:) besides, k anim kan ada super power rahsia! jeng jeng jeng...coz rahsia, so, ka ina tak tau lah. bila anim jerit, bertukar, ada kepak kaler kuning kuar, and k anim leh terbang. so, saja jek buat gempak redah org reramai dalam nightmare k ina tuh. jgn bagitau org rahsia k anim tau :) besides, k anim tak skit (sambil sembunyik pam belakang abit) :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 AM  

Oooo..ok. sib baik.

Tapi, kalau dalam undergrnd complex, camna nak terbang??

AAaaAAAaaAAAAAA...nightmare balek.

By Blogger Azrina, at 11:31 AM  

oOo ini le yg ko cite smlm ;) Ha3

By Blogger PIPSGuy, at 12:53 PM  


By Blogger Azrina, at 8:54 AM  

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