Friday, April 18, 2008

An article taken from iVillage.,,traceycox_cw1sx7k7,00.h

Myth #10: If there's no sex involved, it's not an affair.

Emotional infidelity—deep, passionate connections between people who often
aren't even aware they've crossed the line from platonic friendship to
romantic love—is the biggest threat a marriage can face. More than 80
percent of unfaithful people have affairs with someone who'd started out
as "just a friend," very often a workmate. In fact, one study showed that
50 percent of unfaithful women and 62 percent of unfaithful men were
involved with someone at work. Intense but invisible, erotic but
unconsumed, emotional infidelity is dangerous, addictive and way too easy
to get away with. If you're often pretending you're single when you're
not; if you send secret texts or emails; if you share intimate details of
your life with people you fancy and lie to your partner about seeing them,
you're an emotional cheater.

Hmmm...interesting...Emotional Cheater. I can easily named 5 names within
10 seconds.

Many people did not even know that they are cheating, while others simply
don't care. Their reason? I did not have intercourse with the man/woman, so
I'm not cheating!

Anyway, most of the guys do not consider their wife/gf is cheating if the
lady went out having and all out fun with other guys. They only consider
it cheating if they found the lady in flagrante delicto with the guy.

But most ladies consider Emotional Cheating as very important, some even
put it much more disastrous than Physical Cheating. Just imagine, your
husband in 'true love' with some lady. Then, even tho he claims never
sleeps with the lady...physically, but you would wonder whether he
envisions her when he is with you. Scary tak?

Yes, guys can be in love with multiple ladies at one time. But since
relationships can only thrive in loyalty, why is it so hard for a guy to
marry a lady and be loyal to her? Ladies had been doing that for countless

Based on this harebrained idea, I would fight for our(ladies) equality in
all area. Why only they(guys) can have their Emotional Cheating and
leaving us as nervous wrecks, tip-toeng around the house, trying to
identify what we did that caused him to fall in love with some other lady?

We want our own guy-friends too....the ones that we can go out to have
free extravagant dinner and do not have to sleep with afterwards. we also
want to have 'platonic' relationships where we can flirt with the guy and
having the guy flirt back. We also want some guys to listen to us
sympathetically and do not blame us when we do some error (Bfs and
husbands really sucks in this, they tend to say padan muka to our long
face). We want a simply 'friends' relationship where the guy would always
say,"Wow! You look good in that" and really mean it (Where the bfs and
husbands would not even realize that we put on a new dress).

We want what they are having!!



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