Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Malaysia.....tanah tumpahnya daraaaahhhhkuuuuu....

Tetiba jer rasa patriotik. Walaupun shopping cam suku giler di Jakarta and Bandung, walaupun harga gula di Mesia nih lebih tinggi, tapi ia tetap pujaan hatiku.

Memang puas pegi Jakarta and Bandung.

Kitorang sampai on Khamis pagi kat Jakarta. Aku bawak 1 backpack with very minimal clothing.
Sampai kat airport, Hendry(our handsome guide) dah tunggu...dapat welcome food pack (sedap wo). Then kitorang pegi lunch. After that, and until nak balek ke Mesia....asik shopping ajer.

Kitorang turun kat airport Soekarno-Hatta and terus masuk Jakarta. Pusing2 shopping...on the second day baru pegi Bandung. 2 days kat Bandung, rasa cam nak lepaks seminggu. Tak sempat pusing all the shops. However, really love kedai 'Barbe' near ngan Heritage-Cascade tuh. Dapat a North Face back pack. Hehehe, aku dah ada bagpack for camping. Tho bila nak camping pun tatau. Dapat gaks a 'Garfield goes to waist' comic book. Apa nak buat, memang giler buku. Memang giler dalam kedai tuh, dia jual barang2 baru dan terpakai. Cam nak duduk 2-3 jam ajer.

Sempat pegi Kartika Sari beli Brownies Kukus. Sedap....Also si Fahroe cucuk beli coklat....spend about RM40 beli coklat, sabar jer la.

Then on the last nite, balek ke Jakarta. Sempat shopping before lunch and massage too. Tho aku tak massage la, geli woooo. Yang ladies, sempat lulur lagik.

Overall, a very exciting and rejuvenating trip. Dapat crash course on how to kenal original branded goods and how to spend money un-wisely.

Kesian to Fahroe tho, he is the only guy and terpaksa go along with our womanly shopping whims. But not much shirts with extra large size kat sana, kalau body ala Nikolas Saputra, banyak la choice nyer.

Sempat jugak nonton the current hit movie, Ayat-ayat Cinta. Tho aku tertido at somewhere in the middle and at ending. Bila tanya Fahroe, dia pun tatau ending, tido gaks. Hampagas la. Apa nak buat, sekor2 ngantuks giler.

Thanx to my guardian angels sebab jaga Rina masa nak balek tuh. My gastrik attacked, so a bit incapacitated.

Terima kasih to all my fellow travellers. Will surely treasure the moments, akan antar email on the pixs.

Extremely thank you to Hendry Effendi, Nandang and Bambang. Your patience and extreme care are very much appreciated.

Thank you very much to Kak Mawar with her tips on where to buy items and what to look for. Also for the currency conversion method, tau la saya nih, Maths failed skets.

And also thank you to Fahroe for your guidance. You are my living GPS, without you, I will not know which door at the shopping malls to exit and what NOT to buy.

Love the trip and would highly recommend it to those people that want to buy items for weddings, either their own or just nak borong baju for the whole brood for the kenduri.

Kalau nak sight seeing also boleh, tho kitorang dah awal2 cakap to K Mawar yang kitorang nak shopping ajer. leh pegi Tangkuban Perahu and Punchak. Advisable for families outings.

So, sesaper yang nak pegi Jakarta/Bandung and wants good package (with one of the best tour guide) can contact K Mawar (if you got her phone number) or me (to get her phone number).

Rasa cam nak pegi lagik laaaaaa.


P/s : Will upload pix later. Kena filter dulu. Hehehe.


waaa shopping barang kawen sama sapa?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:50 PM  


But honestly, to all yang nak pakai baju berlabuci and kelip-kelap masa bertunang/kawen/attending kenduri...they have ready-made kebaya yang really cantek.

Really, Bandung is the Paris of SEA.

By Blogger Azrina, at 8:54 AM  

waaa.....sape yg nak kawen tu..?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 AM  

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