Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I read a lot everywhere that people condemned Penang since we choose to go with the Opposition (or shld we called them the Government now??). Whatever la. You all living elsewhere would not know what happened. Only Penangites know.

Lately, our voices were not heard. The previous government wanted to make many mega projects in Penang and some of them are not really to our liking. For example, Penang Global City Centre (PGCC), Penangites shows their displeasure but did the government take any notice? Nooo...

For people outside Penang, they would say that it would help the finance and making Penang the hub of commerce. Want to know something? Penang is already a hub for commerce. What we want is a green lung for Penang. The Botanical Garden and the nearby Youth Park is already maxed to the capacity. Build the PGCC in Seberang Prai la. SPGCC sounds nice too. All the projects inclusive of the Dataran Badawi is there already....

Oh..wait, the Dataran is only full when Badawi comes...the transport to that area sucks.

Uh..oh....the Batu Kawan project also tak jalan yer? Even the mat rempit that it is build for shunned the project. Apa dah jadi? Kan kami dah kata Batu Kawan tuh jauh giler.....Kenapa? Tak percaya??


Then, people say that by choosing the Oppsition, the Malays here would get oppressed. Here's the news sista, we had already been oppressed.

Yeah, the previous government built Masjid Terapung. My dear, it is just an eye-candy. Most of the time, it is only full when UMNO is having their gathering. And for most of the times (our experience la), the buses would not wait until we sholat in the masjid. My mum was scolded because she takes extra time (to sholat Asar since Asar dah masuk waktu) by a bus full of UMNO delegates. Go figure la...

Many still are old masjids or suraus located in Malay areas that should be rebuilt but are not coz the allocation are held by the x-KM. You think I am slandering? Go and look around la. Of course, don't go to the big masjids located at the nearby big roads or located in the city center. Go deeper.

Oh, sorry, since most of these people only comes for vacationing at the area of Batu Ferringhi, Georgetown...what can they see?

What about kebajikan orang-orang Melayu? The people that should be given assistance are ignored while 'friends' are given loads of money. Don't talk la about the zakat money that are taken out for redistribution.

And these were the pillars of UMNO, the ones that should fight for Malays and Islam? I don't talk about the Badawi, I don't know him. I'm talking about a person that I DO KNOW. I'm talking about the President of UMNO Wanita Kebun Bunga. Oh, forgot, she lives in Glugor. What does she knows about our area?? Believe me when I say Glugor is NOT near to Kebun Bunga. Unless the borders had been changed again la. And yet, she is President of our area. Go figure...

One example of the arrogance of the previous Government....There are loads of stray dogs that even chased some school children at our area, but when my mother (at the time was Timbalan President) brings the issue to the AGM (for a few years)...the President hushed down my mother, "Tak yah la ****, nanti diorang panggil ko **** Anjing." Hey, that is the President UMNO Wanita Bahagian Kebun Bunga talking, the ones that should honor and take care the Malay community of our area.

Thank God my Mom leave the post. Of course, that is after the zakat incidence. When she found out that they want her to redistribute the zakat that should be given to single mothers to other of the Party's friends.

My mom is still a loyal supporter of the Party. She believes in the Party, tho the people that leads it are another story.

So, WE had spoken. We were born here, we grow up here, we have families and extended families all over Penang......and with Allah's graces, would die here. So for those that are living elsewhere...kindly shut your trap up.


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