Monday, January 28, 2008

Just want to share a bad experience last weekend.

On friday, due to some reason I need to go back to my hometown. So, there I was, running nearly all the way from Cyberjaya (except when I board the trains) so that I can buy a bus ticket that will depart around 7 pm or at least 7.30 pm. My plan is to reach Penang around midnight.

Konsortium only have seatings available at 8.00 pm (Snoozer buses, which is quite expensive) and at 8.30 pm. After asking a few booths, I bought a ticket from Hasry Bus Counter, the bus would depart at 7.30 pm. Since I have 1 hour waiting time, so I went to KFC and bought my dinner.

At 7.15 pm, I go down to the Platform 1...there is no bus until nearly 7.30 pm. However, there is a chinese guy that took our tickets and at 7.30 pm, walked us out of Puduraya bus stop to the bus which was waiting outside in front of some grocery store. Ok....really interesting. I thought the rules say no pickup outside of the transport terminal...

There, we have to wait until nearly 8 pm. When I asked the guy that collects all the tickets from the other passengers that did not go down to Platform 1, he said that the driver was having his dinner. For us, it is a bit weird since the ticket clearly says that the bus would depart at 7.30 pm and here is the driver, still eating at a quarter to 8 pm.

At a few minutes to 8 pm, the driver came and opened the bus. At last, we can depart...I foolishly thought. Noooo....we had to wait until nearly a quarter after 8 pm. Just to make sure that the ticket counter had managed to sell all the available seats in the bus.

Only then we managed to move out...

Sad to say, some of the passengers are tourists from overseas. Surely for a country that is striving to become a 'Negara Maju', we are yet in the developing country mode in the transportation section. Sad, rite?

Due to the delay, I arrived at Sungai Nibong at nearly 1.30 am. Thank God for my knights in shining armour.

So, for more Hasry buses. One of the reasons why I love to take Konsortium buses is that they are always nearly depart on the dot. Only if there are missing passsengers, then we have to wait.

But, a nice holiday laa.. dapat gaduh with my sister and mother. Altho very fast...aku kat umah tak Sampai 48 jam pun. Sampai skang badan rasa sakit2.

Ada sesaper nak tolong urutkan?



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