Monday, November 05, 2007

I would like to correct some assumptions taken against my post dated 24
October 2007 - titled Dreamy Guy or as some called, Dear Diary.

The guy mentioned in the blog is NOT even Malaysian!! I got some feedback
that is quite hilarious. Of course my sisters are aware of the guy
mentioned in the blog, some of my close friends had guessed correctly,
some of my friends guessed wrongly...but not as wrong as the guy that had
been brought to my attention last night. Hehehe, I had a good time
laughing tho.

Ok, I would tell you all a story. It is a bit long-winded, but I need to
tell you the exact story so that no one would start accusing each other

Ok, as some of the Bollywood fans know, the nite before, Oct 23 2007 at 10
pm to be exact...TV3 shows Dhoom2. The story that i'm going to narrate
starts about 1 week before that.

The ads for Dhoom2 had been shown waaaayyy before Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Since the nite before Raya, i was doing some preparation for the lauk and
stuffs, so I missed the portion of the ads that shows the date of the
movie. What I can see is only that the movie would be shown Tuesday, I was
mistaken in assuming that the movie would be shown on 16 October 2007.

So, on 16 October, I was conquering the TV (literally) waiting for
Dhoom2..which is not around. My mum and sisters were perplexed since I
told them the movie would be aired around 10 pm, and no Hindi movie in all
the channels at all that nite.

Then, on that weekend, Anum sms me and told me that the movie is actually
scheduled on 23 Oct 07. So, on the said date, I make sure that I reached
home, bathed, fed and watered by 9 pm. At 10 pm, the movie started and I
was so mesmerized. However, as usual, Hindi movies are longer than 3
hours. By 12 am, the movie stops for the midnite news. AARRGGHH!!

As it is weekdays and I usually sleeps at 10 pm, it is already a torture
for me to wait until midnite. So, I have to close the tv and sleeps. Until
now, I regret that decision.

Anyway, THAT is the basis for my rambling the next day.

1) I had not seen his movie for more than half year.
2) He is getting fitter and slimmer. (In my eyes anyway)
3) Yes, I have been waiting for that movie for about a week.
4) Roshan do have only 6 characters. (My association with English guys
told me that after married, you take the guy's family name. Mrs. XXXXXX,
Mrs Roshan...Gedit??Shish, mana la minah nih belajar socialising?)
5) It is a Dear Diary rambling, you won't put your crush names inside.
Your friend or mum would surely get hold of it sometime, and you would not
want to be feeling foolish coz you stupidly put in the name of the guy you
are lusting after?!?
6) Hrithik can dance. Enuf said.

As I said, I was crazy at that morning. Crazy over Hrithik Roshan.

Would like to apologize to my friend that had been accused of dating me
the night before. I would some day talks about needy, clingy ladies. But
not yet. Maybe later.

But, as my sister agreed with me, to picture the said friend dancing
the 'sotong dance', is very much hilarious.

P/S1: Don't understand my admiration to Hrithik Roshan? Go out and buy
Dhoom2 dvd. Understand my crush, you will.

P/S2 :By the way, the scene with Ash in the basketball court, with the
rain pouring simply delicious....

Nak tengok laaagiiii.....

The song in my head : Baby Love by Nicole Scherzinger. Like stuck gramophone, my brain is stuck on 'Lalalala'...Nicole is simply delicious, tho a bit on the too thin side for my taste. Tapi, in the song, she sounds a bit nasally. Might be my ears cares....Lalalala.

excerpt from the song :

"you make me, so crazy, its crazy, ohh baby
i don't ever wanna be with no one else
you're the only one that ever made me melt
you're special, boy it's your, your style
we so in Love (lalalalaaa)
yeeeah we so in love Lalalalalalaa
and i just can't get enough
of your lalala Love
yeah thats all i'm thinking of
LOVE, i want you to know. . ."



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