Friday, November 16, 2007
  Brooms and Toilets

Last few days, a lot of hulla baloo about Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo
and brooms. Really agreed with Terence Fernandez (he published an article
on the section Speak Up!, in The Sun dated today), that the broom should
be given much more frequently to many departments.

Why feel ashamed? Since these guys are not doing their jobs, they should
be humiliated. This is an example of a good psychology practice. These
guys should be ashamed since they are NOT doing their job in serving the
people and the country.

Also, this would also provide other departmental heads with good
iniciative, if they don't want to be publicly himiliated, do your job!!

Many examples of departments/authorities that are corrupted. The
corruption word here does not only adheres to embezzzling money. I would
like to include using the tax payers money for unnecessary "learning
travel" to other countries, departments that are not doing their job, do
not hear people's complaints even tho it is their department's sole
function. Corrupted in every way lah. Give them brooms, penyapu lidi,
toilet brush, clorox and whatever cleaning utensils necessary to clean
these acts.

Malu?? Oooo...makan gaji buta + honest tax payers' money tak malu pulak?

Cakap pasal toilet brush, I remember one thing. Why oh why our toilets are
sooooo dirty? Is it public's hygiene practice the main reason only? Then,
the public chould be teached to flush the toilets after using it. What
about the maintenance? Not inclusive ka?

There are major shopping complexes that have major issues in building
their toilet facilities. Some of the major issues that are so frustrating
are :

1) There is no pipe for cleanup - As a Muslim, we need to wash our
privates afterwards. As in most of the toilets in KL Sentral and
Midvalley, most of the bidets are just plain pipe with no head. When you
start the bidet, the water just flow downwards. You must use your hand to
scoop the water to wash your privates. Disgusting? It is to me. I prefer
the toilets with pipe at the side, much more hygienic and can use it to
angle at your particular....well...angle.

2) Water pressure - Go to Midvalley toilets in the upper floors. In some
of the toilets (usually the stalls located at the far end, the cangkung
toilet), the water pressure is not even enough to flush out the tissue
paper. Much less your solids. Come on lah. Think people never got diarrhea
after eating spicy foods? Disgusting lah. Can you blame the poor guy/gal?
Dah flush a few times, also tak abis buang.

3) Cleaning schedule - It is some improvement when you see the list at
behind of the main toilet doorway that the cleaner is cleaning every 1 or
2 hours. But still, the floor is full of black marks from shoes.
Interesting isn't it? Don't blame them, why not put mats outside of the
main entryway for the toilet for people to clean their shoes before
entering the toilets? Never think of it??

The toilets that I really love are the ones in Midvalley, the Garden wing.
Tak pernah masuk? You should. Nicely cleaned and with extensioned pipes
for clean up!! No bidets!! Also, the toilet bowl have a long neck, so that
you can never see the solids..good architecture, I'll say.

So, I would like to implore...please lah. Bidets are not for woman's use.
Kill the guy (I'm sure that it is a guy that created it since the
architecture are not even functional to clean the ladies delicate petals).
Put in pipes...susah sangat ka? Also, clean toilets shows the mentality of
our people...or something like it. Whatever.



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