Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Due to overwhelming response, I made the decision to delete those 'hot' postings. Not my intention to keruhkan any relationship, tapi yang aku confuse, ramai la plak yang condemn me and Aida. Aida said some of it are her friends. My note to her, buat apa simpan kawan cam tuh? Tapi, kalau dia nak simpan gaks, up to her lah.

On a side, nenek aku cakap, orang Melayu kaya ngan adab. However, could not see much of it anymore. Masuk ruman (blog) aku and then insult my other guests (bloggers yang bagi feedback), is really bad manners. I welcome anyone who wants to leave their views or feedback here, but please do not insult anyone else.

Somehow I got the vibes that these people are jealous of us and Fahroe. As I said, kalau diorang ada hati kat dia, not my concern. You people are welcomed to attract or seduce him. But for those yang dah kawen tuh, please divorce your hubby lah. I'm sure no one would appreciate a two timing, cheating wife.

As I emphasized countless times, I do NOT berebut lelaki. Never in my nature. Guys just come to me. Might be it is my exotic looks or my quirky personality. Most of it become my good friends and I really value their friendship. If anyone of you are smirking, I really hope that the wind did not change and the expression did not froze on your face.

I do welcome feedback, but please...I would highly appreciate if any one of you restraint yourself dari 'belasah' other fellow bloggers that put in their views here. You can contradict and argue MY views, but please respect other people's views while doing it.

Yes, I am very passionate as most of my good friends knows. However, I am also a Sagi and as I said previously, we are not good at being tactful. I am honest to a fault, and combined with my fiery nature, can burn a lot of sensitive ears. I would like to apologive for any bruised feelings. But, read my blog or do not...up to all the readers. Burn your pc or do not...not really my concern.

Me and Aida had made our peace. She now knows that I am never her competitor. I really wish that she is happy with her decisions and whatever will happens in the future, I hope she live her life to the brim. As I said to most of my lady friends, Que Sera Sera, What will be....will be. We made our own path, what we can do is to follow it to the end.

To 'anonymous'(tatau berapa ramai org guna this name), Wahir and Ilusiku, thanx to your feedbacks. Really appreciate it. What is a lady without her friends to remind her where to stand?

For the hateful messages given by some others, thank you also for your feedback. Sorry, dah terdelete my blog without taking your name. Takpa, aku dah bagitau Fahroe yang ko sukakan dia. The ball is up in your court. Sila make the next move.

To K Mawar, yep...it is not a joke. Now I am myself at a branch. If I choose the path, would need your assistance to get me a very good lawyer.

Lastly, to all the readers. Have a very happy Ramadhan and Syawal. Don't worry...I would always write about things dearest to my heart and a lot of people would 'melenting' again. But, as I told a friend...all of us gained benefits from these encounters. For most, you get the place to release your frustration and as for me....try googling my name. Now, I'm in the first page. Who is getting the last laugh?


Cheers all.


ALHAMDULILLAH...dah cool down.

Ntah bila la we can hang up together-gether..kat Penang ke??

By Blogger Jawahir Jaafar, at 3:33 PM  

Wahir, hehehe, ada kesempatan ker u sampai Penang?

Nih Taty nyer baby pun bila nak jengok tatau.

By Blogger Azrina, at 8:39 AM  

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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
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