Thursday, September 27, 2007

A bit morello. Last 2 days bergelut ngan servers. 3 biji buat problem at
the same time, dah la main nyer. Hampeh.

Not enuf sleep makes Rina a cranky crab.

Sugar low plak....


Nothing much to say, just that the nation is still very pissed off with
the Nurin's case. Kesian budak tuh. Who is the guy(s) responsible for it?
Even animals did not rape little children and kill them. Hope the police
can track the killers la. Torture them first, then pass them to al-Qaeda.
Biar kena torture lagik. Hidup pun tak guna.

Then, ada la plak mulut-mulut yang suruh convict the parents for
negligence. Nih nak jadik hero la. Dah lah family tuh hilang anak ngan
cara yang paling ditakuti oleh parents, dia nak pegi tangkap plak mak and
bapak dia. Mengong sungguh. Nih la politikus, asik nak mengambil
kesempatan atas orang lain. Bukan politician aa...politician baikkk...

Anyway, to have these sort of crimes (a lot of it) in our country is very
disturbing. Yes, it is a surefire way to convince our people that Malaysia
is becoming developed nations. Our crimes also become like developed
nations crimes. No more isap daun ketum or ganja. Now, it is syndicated
heroine and syabu. Also, sexual crimes on children...pornography and
others. Sabar je lah.

Dulu, masa aku pegi training kat Singapore, a colleague said that he was
afraid to walk the streets of Singapore during the night. Malaysia was
much more safer... Now, Malaysia is not safe even in the day and in
crowded areas.

Who is to blame? Not them and their families. All of us. We are to blame.
We let the crime rise without doing anything. Oh, it is the police jobs.
Come on lah....Police can be everywhere ka? We should take care of our
neighborhood. Take the responsibility for ourselves and our neighbour for
once!! Start to get to know out neighbours, so that when strangers come
sniffing around, we know them!! Nih, antara jiran and orang asing pun tak

When someone kena mugged, don't just stand there....Serang balek. Jangan
la serang membuta tuli. Tapi bayangkan kalau a mamat curik handbag, then
10 orang kejar dia...tak yang lain pun takut nak curi kat kejiranan yang

For guys, make sure that your lady colleagues, friend and family get home
safely. Kepada yang dah kawen tuh, jangan la menggatal plak, just make
sure diorang selamat balek umah kalau bekerja lewat...hantar la sampai ke
umah. Banyak menda yang mengerikan terjadi kepada ladies yang amik taxi,
joyride and rape...even murder. Bukan nak salahkan pak taximan, tapi sebab
setitik nila, abis satu kawah susu. Just be careful la.

Morality is crumbling, it is only us that can build it back.



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