Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just curious, what makes a woman fall in love with a man? Is it his aura, good looks, gentlemanliness, money?

Some women, can fall in love on the first look. Some women, need to be friends first. Some women, do some research on the guy before 'falling' in love. Some women, only falls in love after knowning that the guy already have a girlfriend, fiancee or wife.

I understand the first, second and third category. What I don't understand is the forth category.

Looks are important, except for the sight-challenge people. People say love is blind...yeah, rite. You might say that a guy is hideous, but for the partner, she sees something else beautiful. You might see his ugly mug, she might see his big, capable hands. Or his shining eyes. Watever rocks her world. It is easy for this kind of people to fall in and out of love. For me, love at first did not exist. Only lust. So, what is lust without love?

Friendship is important. As a Malay proverb goes , 'Tak kenal maka tak cinta', Or translated to 'You will only love after you know the person'. I fell into this category. This kind of love takes forever to germinate and creeps slowly on you.

The third and fourth would be continued later. Hev to go, emergency.


To whom are u blamming for? Well... as for me, I'm the in the 3rd category. I do research by research before i accept him as my lover...or my beloved one.I did experience the 4th category before but nahhh...men will be as they are.."di sana menanti di sini menunggu." Alasan utama, kalau clash satu, there is another one to hope for.Anything, survival of the fittest important for life. Value Life .Kalau dia taknak, cari je yang lain, maybe ada hikmah di sebalik sesuatu perpisahan itu.
Well..take care & smile always!

By Blogger rimaugirl5275, at 8:24 AM  

Not slamming or blaming. Such is life. Byk sgt kisah2 kekawan yang dah kawen/bertunang/berdating yang tetiba ada ja pompuan lain yang mencelah. Dulu masa jantan tuh tadak harta, dia tak layan. Once nampak ada rumah, kereta, anak bini terjaga elok...tetiba aje nak tumpang. Then, siap suruh si jantan ceraikan bini, tunang or the gf. The guy pulak, ikut ajer the new acquisition nyer perangai, tengah bercinta lah katakan.

Pening ngan perangai manusia.

By Blogger Azrina, at 9:43 AM  

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