Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm officially overweight!! AARGGGHHHH!!!!

My BMI is 24.8. If following the U.S. BMI, then I'm still in the Ideal range. But if following the Asian BMI, then I'm grossly overweight. Even bordering to obesity!!!

Dang the new knowledge. See, this is the reason why I hate to surf!!

Yes, I do have pot belly. Yes, the weight machine do give some squeeks when I step on it. And yes, I love fried stuffs and nasi lemak, don't forget the roti canai...also curries. Yummy!

But, dang....I never considered myself as overweight. Now the blinders had been lifted from my eyes, I am resolved to reduce at least 3 kgs this year. Why only 3? Because I know my body, and I love food. I am one of those people that is hard to put on weight, and also very hard to lose it.

Also, it is very hard for me to not finished off everything on my plate, and also my friends' plates. I used to starved myself during teenager years so that I had enough money to spend on my family, so I really, really hate to see unfinished food. Sayang woooo....

As a starter, I had just started to eat oats. Yes, those flavorless, paper like taste, small flakes instant oat. I would try to eat it at least 4 nights a week. Hey, I'm just starting to eat those buggers, ok. And it is papery (is there any word to describe a thing that tastes like paper?? Shisssh).

As a beginner oater(??!!??), I started with Milo Fuze. It is a 3 in 1 pack of Milo+Sugar+Oat. Hanim's bought them. Afterwards(Milo Fuze is sooooo expensive), I try adding Instant Oat into my Low Fat, Chocolaty Anlene Milk. Hmmm...not so bad. Now, I had increased the oat to 4 spoonfuls per a mug of milk.

Hehehehe, this is a good solution. I have to drink milk, and I also have to eat oats. Mix them together, and try to finish the dreadful concoction in record time.

Ok, I would also try to do sit-ups at least 20 sit-ups in the morning and another 20 in the afternoon. Due to my lack of discipline, give me 2 weeks, and I will start to forget that I ever need to do sit-ups. >:)

Wikipedia explanation on BMI - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index

Asian BMI :

Research papers :

BMI Calculator :
http://www.afic.org/BMI.htm - remember, the ideal BMI for Asian is only until 23!!

Am reading - The I. Asimov Anthologies of Short Stories. Btw, I think I had read it before. Hmmm....all the stories seems familiar, somehow. I'm truly is a beautiful, cute....GOLDFISH.

Am listening (in my head only) - Fergalicious.



welcome to the club, babe..


By Anonymous taty, at 3:51 PM  

Kuang, kuang, kuang. Green tea and oatmeal are my new best food. kekeke.

Ko overweight haper? Tgh ngandung. Hampesss.

By Blogger Azrina, at 4:24 PM  

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