Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nak sembang pasal kecurangan dan perbezaan pendapat antara lelaki dan perempuan berkenaan isu nih.

Before that, just ask yourself, apa yang dikategorikan sebagai curang nih?

1) Kluar and have fun with other people of different gender?
2) Kluar and have fun with only a person of different gender and whom you really like. Not yet have sex with, but sometimes fantasizes on?
3) Have sex with another people of different gender?

For me, curang ada 2 jenis. Curang perbuatan dan curang emosional.

Curang perbuatan, memang jenis yang nak kena Bobbit. Buat sendiri, then cakap orang lain yang seduce dia. Apa daaaa.

Curang emosional nih susah skets. For a guy, kekadang dia ada girl friends yang dia hang out with, flirt with, but do not have sex with the lady (or so he always said, best fren he always called her). Kalau macam nih, adakah the guy boleh dilabelkan as curang? Sometimes, ada yang sampai bini/awek sendiri dia tak jemput dari keja, tapi best fren dia nih, asik pegi and balek keje dia hantar. Asik hang out ngan 'kawan baik' dia, pegi sana and sinin berkepit, tapi consider best fren.

Susah nak cakap, kan?

For most of the ladies(especially me), both type of curang nih, samalah bahaya nya. Kenapa? Curang perbuatan memang tak leh nak cakap apa dah. Tapi curang emosional pun sama bahayanya. Selepas curang emosional, kemungkinan untuk the guy buat curang perbuatan sangatlah tinggi.

Tapi, yang peliknya pulak, a guy (after doing some research) tak kisah as far as the lady did not have sex with other guys. Selagi tuh she is considered loyal.
Kuang, kuang, kuang.

As a lady, aku leh bagitau terus terang, pompuan nih lembut. Kluar sana sini ngan same guy, meaning nya dia interested. Kalau asik dibiarkan, jadi lah curang emosional. Dibiarkan lagi, jadiklah curang perbuatan. As more and more guys yang asik bekerja dan tak jaga bini kat rumah, diorang nih yang banyak kena this style of curang.

For me lah, kalau you already have a relationship, then act like one. Jangan dah kawen, tapi perangai cam orang bujang. Huha sana, huha sini. Bini terperap jaga anak kat umah, dia bersosial tak ingat dunia. Then, pantang jumpa anak dara, mata terbeliak, boleh siap antar pompuan tuh sampai ke umah. Anak and bini kena jalan kaki and naik ketapi. Patut ker? Same goes for the other way round. Bini keje overtime tak abis2 kat opis. Laki di tinggalkan jer kat umah. Dah lama-lama overtime keje, citer semua masalah rumah dan tangga, emosi pun mula timbul. Then laki terus dah tak dipandang, orang jatuh chenta lah namanya.

Eh, same goes with those who are not married, but involved in a relationship. Tolong lah jangan buat ur status sebagai alasan. Awak dah ada girlfren, then kluar ngan awek lain. Then boleh siap cakap yang dia tadak bini, tengah mencarik. Kalau cam tuh, baik putus jer ur current relationship. Awak dah jumpa and bagi harapan, then awak carik orang lain plak? Come on lah. Ikan pun tau setia. Not yet married is not an excuse lah.

So, kesimpulan nya, different gender have different view of kecurangan.

But, curang tetap sakit, especially kepada victims.

One thing, whatever goes around, comes around. Skang Tuhan bagi balasan cash, takdak tunggu bila dah mati.


Tgh baca : Yeah, tak abis-abis Eldest nih.

Tgh dengar : Die Another Day by Madonna.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Just a flashback.

Last Hari Raya Aidilfitri, on the second day of Raya, my family went to eat pizza at Pizza Hut located near Gurney Plaza, Sunrise, Penang.

Sad to say, it is an experience that we do not want to encounter ever again!

The service was B.A.D!!!

The excuse, they are not enough people.

Interestingly, since there are only about 3 families eating at the time and the employees are located nowhere. Quite a few tables are not cleared and tissue papers are everywhere, on the tables, on the chairs and even on the floors.

When we arrived, my mum want to sit at a place near the window. We asks to add another small table to the current one so that another person could be added at the table. The answer? Cannot, it is a walkway. Interesting, since we are the only one family sitting at the site and there are 2 walkways around us. As I can see, there is no way in hell, that anyone would be inconvenienced if we add another table there.

No problem, we change the location even thought we have different view from the one that my mum likes. Then, we have to wait for more than 5 minutes for the employees to clear the table. What the heck is happening??!!!?? Where are the employees? Did I mentioned that the employees are nowhere? Then, have to asks these people to sweep the floor since there are many tissues on the floor. The employess including the manager already sulking when we asks them to sweep the floor. Come on lah, basic hygienic also cannot do??


Then, we order. All thru the lunch, the employees are sulking and glaring at us. The pizzas came cold. The mushroom soup is less than lukewarm. Another pitcher of pepsi that we ordered never arrived and the manager, Sura** have the gall to ask us to take the pitcher on the go! Her reason? Pizza Hut cannot reimburse since we had order the thing. Honey, your people never deliver it in the first place!!!! My sister starts to argue, since it is not us that cancel the order. It is their people that never deliver the item in the 45 minutes taken for us to eat the lunch. At last, we got our money back, and the manager is sulking, a bit more.

We left the place feeling angry.

My sister, Hanum, (who had worked in various places as waitress) informs that where she had worked, the employees would surely get sacked. Simply lazy fellows. The Manager also never show proper respect to the customers. Sulking and glaring are not in-trend for services.

After coming home, I asked around on the outlet. All my neighbours say that the Pizza Hut is famous for their BAD service. So, no wonder lah it is always nearly empty. If want to eat pizza, then simply go to Prangin Mall's Pizza Hut. Fast and better services.

I would advice other patrons to NOT GO to Gurney Plaza's Pizza Hut.

Below are the outlets pix :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If any of Pizza Hut people read this, kindly take actions.

p/s: That's why I always order Domino's Pizza. Fast and yet very tasty.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ok, the bashing review of Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. This review is on the book, not the movie.

It is an embarrassment! The story itself is taken mainly from various well known authors such as J.R.R. Toklien on the Lord of the Rings, Anne McCaffrey on the Dragon of Pern series, Ursula K. Le Guin on the EarthSea books, J.K Rowlings on Harry Potter, even George Lucas on the StarWars universe and various other authors that I'm sure that even you had not heard of.

Where exactly?

TLOTR - On the universe itself and most of the characters. Yes, elf, dwarves and humans are commons. Listed below are the characters and beasts that are nearly the same from TLOTR and Eragon :

Arwen - Arya as the dark haired princess elf. (Thank God the movie changes Arya from dark haired to strawberry blonde.)
Urukhai - Kull as the.....steroidy, super Trolls?
Moria - Farthen Dur/Tronjheim as the last dwarves city.
Ra'zac - Nazgûl/Ringwraiths, need I say more? Even the description of the cowled, humpbacked creature that breathed corruption.
Fell Beasts, rode by the Nazgûl - the fying creature with long talons that Ra'zac rode.
Gandalf - Brom, reminds me a bit on Gandalf, being a keeper of stories and have a white beard. Excellent horse rider and wields swords.
Elves comes from the West in ships - Elves comes in ships.

Aiya, a lot more characters lah taken from TLOTR. Tak larat nak mention dah.

Anne McCaffrey - on the story of the dragon itself. Fying colorful dragons that are rode by humans to safeguard the world.

Ursula K. Le Guin - on the words of power. Once you know the actual name of a thing/person, you wield power over it. Very EarthSea.

Harry Potter - on the story of a common boy who is not so common after all. Discovered magical powers and wield great magic even tho he did not know how to do it. Accidental hero type of guy.

StarWars - especially on the Brom character. He is the mentor much like Obi Wan Kenobi is to Luke Skywalker. Also a bit of Yoda thrown in. There is a scene where Brom asked Eragon to lift a pebble with his mind. Very much reminds me of Yoda asking Luke to lift the big boulder, and the whining Luke/Eragon cannot do it.

Paolini took huge portions out of these stories and weave it to become Eragon. Not so sophisticated, with various loopholes and contradicting storyline. Something to the effect that Eragon is a farm boy that hunt in the Spines due low food resources. They cannot afford to buy meat and other foods from the village Carvahall. Later in the story, after he had travelled for weeks with his mentor, it is stated that Eragon looks in the mirror and saw that his baby fat are gone, due to hard travel. When did he have the baby fat if they had barely enough to eat?? Hmmmm.

Also they are arguments and statements that made no logical conclusion. Why they fight, why he cannot take certain paths, why he cannot do this and do that.I am usually lost in the explanation of the whys and the hows, something that I had never done even in TLOTR complex storyline.

In addition, Eragon follows Brom even though he did not trust the guy. Brom even lied to Eragon, the part when Eragon asked whether Brom was a Rider, and Brom answered No. Later at the middle of the book, Brom reveals that indeed he was a Rider. The mentor actually LIED. Gosh...and children read this???!!!

Also, a lot of the part where Eragon simply and truthfully....whines. Whining about this, whining about that. Dang, I hate whining heroes. Something like the Harry Potter in the 5th installment book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

If I have to give a number from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.... I will give Eragon only 3. The boy have a gift, that is to tell stories. Only that he need to do a lot of research on the era he wants to weave his stories, check the practicality of the story and to get his own original stamp of storyline.

For example, I honestly believe he did not know how heavy a stone plate weights because he put it in Farthen Dur's canteen. Much better to put golden plates since dwarves are excellent metalsmiths.

Sigh.......a teenager, what do you expect from a teenager? I sincerely hope Christopher Paolini would grow up and polish his skills. Produce other original stories with his own well thought of universes and creatures. He have the skills, now do he have the will to do it??

Am currently reading : Yeah, yeah....still the Eldest. A continuation from Eragon.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Eh, forgot! Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me....Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me.

Thanx Kak Mawar for belanja makan.

Happy 25 years old Birthday to me. Kuang kuang kuang.

To all my frens. Thanx for all the support and the critics that you gave to me. Hmmm...okaayyyy....not the critics lah, only the support.

And thank you for tolerating me all this while. I know that I'm a little loco, but I'm still cute.


I had already watched Casino Royale. My verdict? Hmmm...I'll give the movie 5 out of 10. For me, Goldeneye is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy much better.

Ok, apart from the hair color, this Craig guy portrays James Bond as a more physical steroidy kind of spy. Expect more scenes on running, sweating (not the pleasurable kind of sweat), and more running.

The best part is the scene when James is in Africa, chasing a bomber thru contruction site. The guy he chased is one of the 'Parkour' kind of people. Veeerryyy interesting chase scene. I honestly thought the guy is part tree frog. He can run past any obstacles, climb any kind of material, leap across vast distances........ and land by hugging the material of the wall/dirt/concrete.

The new James Bond have a piercing stare, or so he tried it to be. Most of his scenes are, turn around and stare, look at pretty woman and stare. Not the sexy stare like Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery or even Robbie Williams have, not even the mischievous, tongue in cheek of Roger Moore's stare. It is more like "I wonder what you will taste like in Marinara sauce", kind of stare. If someone stare at me like that, instead of me shashaying to the guy with come hither look, most probably I will run to the nearest police station and asks for asylum.

Another of my gripe, where is MoneyPenny and Q? Not yet employed? Then, they should change Judy Dench.

Another one, in the opening song, there is only a 2 second show of the leading lady face. That is all of the womanly aspect that you will see. No women figures running around in leotards, or women kissing the pistol barrels. No women anywhere!!! Haiya!!!!!

Ok, last one. James is veeerrrryyy gullible. No brainer since this is the first mission. But come on, a lady cries and you want to marry her? Sheesssshh.

All in all, this James Bond is quite tame. I know there is the scene on sex (if there is not, it is not James Bond!!), and a bit of explosion. But, come on...killing by drowning a guy in a teeny weeny sink?? Or bombing a building waaaaaaaaayyy behind your enemies?

For asthmatic people, please bring your inhaler with you. With all the running scenes, you will be quite exhausted.

Looking forward to :
a) Eragon. Read the book, gleefully waiting for the critics to shred the movie.
b) Cicakman. My friends saw the movie and gave it 10 out of 10. Wow. Am trying to find the date to go and see the movie.

Currently reading : The Eldest. (Hey, I detest the series but once I start a book, I really have to complete the series. Thank God it is a trilogy and the third book is not yet out. If it is a 7 series books like Harry Potter.......Eh, cannot be, since The Inheritance Trilogy is a copied from Harry Potter).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Just upgrade (or is it migrate) my blogger to tie with my gmail. Hmmm..Looks the same. Ntah lah. Apa yang tukar? Nanti aku main-main kat sini dulu.

Anyway, just start coaching the new tech personnel, Azura, on my projects. Tadak apa lah sangat. Semua waiting and troubleshooting. Wait for aper? Tunggu durian runtuh. Jangan Taufan Durian yang datang, mmg runtuh semua bangunan. Dah nak sampai tahap Super Storm tuh, jangan tak tau.

Esok nak pegi merayap mencari items for my jewelleries. Ingat di hati nak carik tauke yang boleh jual sterling silver. Kot nyer leh dapat rantai, callottes, earring components, clasp serba skets, ok gak. Kalau sesaper tau, drop lah the names.

Malam nih nak pegi tgk Casino Royale ngan my fren. Best ker? hahaha, nanti aku postkan later. For me,

Sean Connery - Mix between mysterious, macho and sexy.
George Lazenby - GATAL and MCP!! Boleh ka dia pegi tepuk punggung si Moneypenny??
Roger Moore - Classy, still sexy. His eyes are dreamy, his smiles are naughty.
Timothy Dalton - Dark. Lebih sesuai jadik the Dark Knight aka Batman.
Pierce Brosnan - The sexiest James Bond. Sensitive and more atuned to modern woman's feelings. Dare I say that I have a crush for him since Remington Steele?

Daniel Craig - His shoulder are too broad. Too...hmm...what's the word...CRAGGY. And dear, he's BLOND!!!! What's wrong with the world?

Ok, to be fair to the poor Daniel, I would go and see the latest Bond. Besides, I have already promised to a certain BLACK HAIRED guy to see the movie with him.

Among the James Bond movies theme song that I like are Diamonds Are Forever and Die Another Day.

Not a die hard fan, but a fan enough to know that James Bond hairs are supposed to be BLACK!!

Ok, enuf abt the hair color.

Just bought a book, The Butlerian Jihad - The Legend of Dunes. Hahahahaha. Already read it, this one is only for my own collection.

Am reading : The Eldest by Christopher Paolini. (Would write abt Eragon later...but my advice to Sci Fi fans, don't read the book!! All the ideas are taken from Mr Tolkien, Mrs Anne McCaffrey, even a bit from Mr George Lucas.)




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The race of man shall perish, but the eyes
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- T.A. Conrad

To see a world in a grain of sand,
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Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
- William Blake,
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