Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Created 2 new anklets for my friends. Too lazy to scan. Nearly the same design as the previous bracelets, but with different colors. Would need to bring all my new creations to scan. Later lah....

Starting this month, need to start an accounting book on the things that I sell. Malas lah.

Think depression is starting in. Malas to do anything. All my projects pulak ada problem. Not much, tapi a hassle to solve. Semua business issue. Haiya.

Semalam, Labour day, busan giler. Nak kluar, asik ujan. Citer dalam tv pun tarak. Start petang, Astro pun tak dapat. Around 5 pm, kluar gaks. Pg KLCC, lepaks sensorang. Tgk buku, tgk baju. Gaji tak masuk lagik, so browsing jer lah. Jengok cinema, satu line jer orang beratur. Tempted gler nak tgk wayang, tapi tadak movie yang best. Pun tarak mood nak tgk sensorang. Last sekali, pg makan Nandos. Then balek, redah ujan. Sampai umah, cam nak demam dah. Then bukak tv, citer best, sampai 1 pagi. Hampeh laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Oh, lupa...pagi tadi terdengar bunyi burung Abang Ko. Tak tau aper nama saintifik dia. Abang Ko tuh actually nama orang Penang panggil burung tuh.

Citer dia camnih, dulu ada satu guy, ada 2 wives. The first wife meningggal, tinggalkan anak lelaki sorang. The second wife masih idup, pun ada anak lelaki sorang. These 2 brothers sesangatlah sayang menyayangi satu sama lain. Tapi mak yang second nih, menyampah kat anak first. Satu hari, si bapak suruh anak2 dia tuh pg tanam kat kebun. Si mak nih bagi kat si abang benih yang dah direbus. Maka, tanah si abang, tak naik apa-apa pun. Kebun si adik, menjadi subur giler.

Then, si abang merajuk, larik dari umah. Si adik plak kejar mencari si abang. Tuh yang dia panggil Abang Ko...Abang Ko....Eh, lupa nak bagitau. Nih actually family Chinese. Si adik mencari si abang merata2, sampai lah dia menjadik burung.


My head, have no song right now. So silent.

Had completed reading the Currents of Space by Isaac Asimov. Damned good story. Want to know abt it? Buy the book yourself lah.

Need to read : The Da Vinci Code. Have to finish before the actual movie comes out.

Movies to see (in original format): The Da Vinci Code, X Men III and Pirates of the Caribbean. The rest, can wait for Astro to play.


mmmm..... cerita burung aper ni? hehehehe...

By Anonymous r*zal, at 7:46 PM  

hehehe, citer hikayat dahulu kala.

By Blogger Azrina, at 8:54 AM  

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